Donald Trump’s Deplorables Have NASTY Surprise Planned For Barack Obama

As Barrack Obama vacates the White House, he leaves behind a stain that Donald Trump is forced to scrub off. Obama defecated on our military while crippling us to pre-World War II capabilities and making us the laughing stock of the world by naming a Navy ship after a gay child molester earlier this year. However, Trump’s deplorables have a nasty surprise that’s gaining momentum, and liberals everywhere are seething.

In addition to forcing our military servicemen and women to celebrate Gay Pride Month, Obama dispatched troops to march in a gay pride parade in Washington D.C. that went on to be a huge embarrassment to our country and our military. Unfortunately, Obama wasn’t quite done shoving the rainbow flag down our throats quite yet. In July, he named a Navy battleship after Harvey Milk, a gay San Francisco politician who was rumored to be a child molester.

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Americans are so incredibly fed up with Obama and what he’s done to our military that a recently started White House petition is gaining quite a bit of attention. As a way to give Obama and the Democrats a huge middle finger, following our win during the election and clearly stating our intent to take America back, the petition is demanding that the next major Navy vessel is christened “USS The Deplorables.”

Of course, we all know how we earned that lovely name after Hillary Clinton blasted Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables,” a nickname that then went on to become our battle cry, as the left and Hillary continued to label us as “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic” Americans.

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What a magnificent sight that would be: The battleship USS The Deplorables, under the authority of its new Commander-in-Chief Donald J. Trump as it glides out to sea on a mission to kick ass, showing the world that we are yet again the world’s number 1 superpower.

Gone forever are the days of America being crippled by a weak enemy-pandering pussy, as America yet again is made great by Donald Trump, thanks to the army of Deplorables who battled the establishment during the election and came out the victor.

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