Donald Trump Unveils New Haircut, Here’s What He’ll Look Like As President

Donald Trump is well-known for two things — being rich and his iconic hair. However, after almost a half-century of sporting his comb-over style, it looks like things are about to change – and the president-elect finally unveiled the new haircut he got for the newest chapter in his life.

There’s no arguing that people in the public spotlight receive an overwhelming amount of criticism. Proving just that is the amount of time the liberal media spent on Trump’s hair during his campaign, and it looks like they just got something new to talk about.

Unveiled in a picture posted to Instagram, it appears as though Trump Trump decided to get a haircut. After all, with the man set to spend time in a new office, he might as well start things off right with a cool new hairstyle – and that he did.

If there’s one trademark of Donald Trump’s appearance, it would have to be his hair. After all, the media may make fun of it over and over again, but Trump has steadfastly refused to change it.

However, Trump’s about to take a new office, so I guess he figured it was time for a new ‘do. He took to social media to show it off on Wednesday, and the response was immediate.

Trump posted a picture of himself and his grandson on the way back from Florida with the president-elect sporting his new haircut. In just eight short hours on Instagram, it had already garnered 250,000 likes. [Source: Conservative Tribune]

It looks like most of the country thinks the soon-to-be president looks pretty good – and what’s not to like? It makes sense, knowing that he’d be around helicopters and windy airports more frequently these days, to shorten his hair so that messy pictures weren’t constantly hitting social media.

Now that he has the part and looks the part, it’s time to get down to business. There are a few changes coming to America, and a president who is actually going to do some good for this country is perhaps the one that people are looking forward to the most.

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