Trump Infuriated Liberals With Recent Move, But 400 Shocking Reports Prove Him Right Again

After President Donald Trump made one huge decision that was in the best interest of American citizens, liberal activists were quick to claim that Trump has doomed us all. But what are they going to say about a deluge of reports coming out this year, reports that will surely have them in meltdown mode?

400 reports back up one of President Donald Trump’s major decisions. (Photo Credit: DoD photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos/Wikimedia Commons)

Global warming has been a major boogeyman of liberal socialists for decades. It became a trendy topic ever since Al Gore’s error-filled film “An Inconvenient Truth.” Since then, celebrities and climate activists have demanded that our government pass incredibly strict laws that punished private citizens and businesses. This is all in the name of reducing C02 emissions, which is what they claim is harming the planet.

President Donald Trump was hammered by environmentalists for pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord. Despite the fact that the agreement was bad for our economy (and would give millions to China and India for doing nothing), they claim that he was trying to harm us and the planet. They’ve used that decision to paint our president as some kind of monster, who wants us all to die in a fiery hell of our own making.

however, it looks like, once again, they were all wrong. This year alone, 400 scientific reports have come out that find global warming is a myth. Not only have they discovered that man-made technology is not responsible for the earth’s temperature but C02 emissions are actually good for the ecosystem! Again, we are learning that liberals say just the opposite of what is true.

When I reported earlier this year on the 58 scientific papers published in 2017 that say global warming is a myth the greenies’ heads exploded. Since then, that figure has risen to 400 scientific papers. Can you imagine the misery and consternation and horror this is going to cause in the corrupt, rancid, rent-seeking world of the Climate Industrial Complex?…

Just to be clear, so the greenies can’t bleat about being misrepresented, here is what these various papers say: “Modern temperatures, sea levels, and extreme weather events are neither unusual nor unprecedented.  Many regions of the Earth are cooler now than they have been for most of the last 10,000 years.” (Source: Breitbart)

The reports have found that natural factors, including the Sun, multi-decadal oceanic-atmospheric oscillations, and decadal-scale cloud cover variations, are the main factors in the changes of earth’s temperature. What’s not on the list? Cars, factories, dairy cows, or any of the other “evils” climate activists blame.

The reports go on to say that heavy regulations by governments and environmental agencies can actually harm the planet. Imagine my shock.

And current emissions-mitigation policies, especially related to the advocacy for renewables, are often costly, ineffective, and perhaps even harmful to the environment.  On the other hand, elevated CO2 and a warmer climate provide unheralded benefits to the biosphere (i.e., a greener planet and enhanced crop yields). (Source: No Trick Zone)

What’s interesting to note is that scientists agree that the climate does change over long periods of time. They also agree that C02 does have an effect on the earth’s temperature (a good one). What they are denying is the massive devastation and world-ending predictions made by climate alarmists, who use the issue to push for greater government control over citizens’ lives and private businesses.

What they are saying in their different ways is that “global warming” – as in the big scare story that the planet is heating up at a catastrophic unprecedented rate because of man-made CO2 emissions – is bunk; or that the methods being used to combat the problem are bunk. (Source: Breitbart)

Some of the other factors in global temperature changes? Aside from solar activity (which we have no control over), natural oscillations of ocean temperatures. Over time, the temperatures of these massive bodies of water go up and down. It has nothing to do with the kind of car you drive.

Many of the reports (which I doubt CNN or the New York Times will mention) have findings like this:

20th century precipitation variability in southern Tibet falls within the range of natural variability in the last 4100 yr, and does not show a clear trend of increasing precipitation as projected by models (Source: The University of Arizona)

That means all the Priuses in the world have no impact on whether or not you have a warmer than usual fall.

This is pretty important stuff. Liberals use global warming to guilt trip countries into doing terrible things. They punish companies by levying heavy C02 taxes. They deny private citizens the ability to own or build on their land. The use sad pictures of polar bears to make you feel like a jerk for driving your SUV.

They attacked President Donald Trump for pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord, claiming he was dooming us all. But, as with many other issues, he’s coming out right all along. The next time a liberal co-worker or neighbor tries to throw some Al Gore crap in your face, show them this article.

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