Donald Trump Under Fire For ‘Sweden Terror Attack’ Remark, Here’s The Truth

President Donald Trump made remarks during a speech in Melbourne, Florida which liberals took completely out of context.

Many on the left are attacking President Donald Trump for statements he made Friday night. The left is claiming that Trump said there was some sort of terrorist attack in Sweden, but many who have read Trump’s quotes or saw videos of his speech know that the left is once again being completely disingenuous, if not flat out lying. Here’s the truth.

The comments in question spoken by Donald Trump were pretty clear. He never used the word “attack” or “terror,” like the left is claiming. “We’ve got to keep our country safe,” President Donald Trump said. “You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this?”

Mainstream media sources such as USA Today titled an article “Trump Cites (fake) Attack in Sweden.” In their article, they clearly quote Trump the same way as above, yet immediately after, twist his words into something he never said by posting a tweet containing the words “terror attack.”

“Sweden? Terror attack? What has he been smoking? Questions abound,” tweeted former Swedish prime minister Carl Bildt, a frequent social-media antagonist of the U.S. president.

There shouldn’t be any question as to what he said, considering the video is all over the web. He never actually said there was a terror attack. Those words were put in his mouth my liberals and socialists around the globe. So, the question then becomes, what could he have been referring to, and the answer is clear — Sweden’s rape crisis, which leftists, including the Swedish government, are so desperately trying to paint as a right-wing conspiracy theory.

In fact, the Swedish government is being accused of covering up migrant rapes and violent attacks in order to appear more humanitarian. So, was there something “happening last night in Sweden,” as the president suggested? It’s incredibly likely, and sadly, it probably included the rape of several of Sweden’s women. While liberals will deny this as “fake news,” Sweden’s own law enforcement encourages women to stay inside at night to avoid being raped by violent migrants.

Sweden has had more than its share of citizens raped and attacked because of the countries insistence on allowing an unlimited number of Muslim migrants to cross their borders. This was most likely the story that Donald Trump was referencing. Swedish women are frequently attacked in their native land by outsiders. It’s actually comforting that Trump doesn’t want American women subjected to this kind of horrific violence.

In all actuality, it sounds like our president’s words are being muddled so the left can claim some sort of moral superiority when really the “Trump said a terrorist attack happened in Sweden” claims are a bunch of bullshit, as the left is presenting them. However, what would you call these repeated sexual attacks against Swedish women, which are occurring at such a rate that Sweden is now called the rape capital of the world, if not terror?

Donald Trump correctly asked those listening to look at what’s happening in countries who have allowed massive amounts of Islamic immigrants to take refuge in their countries. He did this by referencing Sweden. When looking at Swedish data, it’s not all that difficult to see that the country has a rape epidemic with no end in sight, and their government hides some of the information regarding violence against women rather than take responsibility for their policies which led to it.

Donald Trump never actually said there was a “terror attack” in Sweden, and that’s a FACT.

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