After Double Amputee Vet Puts Kaepernick In His Place, BLM Delivers Nasty Surprise

The internet is on fire after NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick put his American-hating antics on full display for the nation to see. In response, one Marine decided to teach the NFL player a little lesson on respect, reminding him why he has the Constitutional right to be a jackass in the first place. That’s all it took for Kaepernick’s Black Lives Matter fanbase to deliver a nasty surprise to the American hero.

Colin Kaepernick (left), Marine Joey Jones (right)

While Kaepernick whines about the “oppression” he’s forced to endure in America while raking in an astounding $19 million dollars a year, his right to run his mouth and not salute our nation’s flag has been preserved over the years by the blood and sacrifice made by our military men and women. After Kaepernick’s behavior gained national attention, a Marine, who happens to be a double-amputee, put him in his place.

However, soon after the American hero gave the NFL star a tongue lashing that he would never forget, Colin Kaepernick’s Black Lives Matter fanbase delivered a nasty surprise as they brutally attacked the Marine, showing him the true meaning of racism and “oppression” here in America.

Marine sergeant Joey Jones’ life was forever changed on August 6, 2010, while serving on a combat tour in Iraq. The staff sergeant accidentally stepped on an IED that horrifically blew both of his legs off above both knees. In addition to losing his legs, the blast also severely damaged both his wrists and right forearm. After going through two years of grueling rehabilitation, the Marine hero now devotes his time serving other veterans through his national nonprofit Boot Campaign organization, where he does many public speaking events spreading his message of hope.

Despite being a double-amputee, Jones always stands whenever the National Anthem is played because he truly understands the meaning of our nation’s flag, having made an incredible personal sacrifice to preserve it. So, when the Marine caught wind of an ungrateful douche by the name of Colin Kaepernick refusing to stand while our nation’s colors were raised, the Marine immediately took to social media to put the NFL player on blast.

The Marine’s tweet quickly began to go viral, garnering close to 30K retweets in under 24 hours. However, Colin Kaepernick’s Black Lives Matter fanbase decided to savagely lash out against the double-amputee Marine, showing the demented racism held by many of Kaepernick’s fans and the BLM movement.

While some of the racists bullied, mocked, and terrorized the Marine for losing his legs, others took their depravity to a whole new level, saying they wished Jones would’ve died in the war or that his legs would rust.

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The true racists in this country are not the white people that Colin Kaepernick seeks to demonize with his refusal to salute our nation’s flag, but his very own Black Lives Matter fanbase.

While these idiots have every right to mock and ridicule a white veteran over his missing legs, what they fail to realize is the reason that they the have the right to run their vile mouths in the first place is because of the incredible personal sacrifice veterans such as Staff Sergeant Joey Jones have made.

Perhaps if they feel so “oppressed” living in America, they should take their happy asses back to the homeland of their ancestors and see how well that works out for them.

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