Double Amputee Veteran Gets Turned Away After 5 Hours At The VA, Sends Trump Bold Request

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Johnny “Joey” Jones is a double amputee Marine veteran who lost both his legs in a 2010 IED explosion while serving in Afghanistan. Recently, he waited five hours at a VA hospital in Georgia only to be turned away. However, he sent a bold request to President Donald Trump.

Johnny “Joey” Jones (background), President Donald Trump (inset) (Photo Credits: Twitter/Johnny “Joey” Jones, Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

U.S. Marine Sgt. Johnny “Joey” Jones, who served as a bomb technician in Afghanistan, visited Atlanta VA Medical Center in Decatur, Georgia on Wednesday, May 9, 2018, seeking treatment and to have a prescription refilled. What seems like a perfectly reasonable and simple request lead Jones to wait five hours only to be turned away empty-handed and without an explanation.

Jones first took to Twitter to express his frustration with the Atlanta VA Medical Center and the staff there who treated him carelessly and showed a tremendous lack of respect. In my opinion, Jones’ tweets are something every American needs to read for perspective on what our beloved veterans suffer through at the hands of a backward culture in our VA system.

“After a 5hr wait, I was turned away form @AtlantaVAMC at 2:30 am this morning without treatment or explanation. Here’s what happened,” Jones began.

Jones said he was told he could receive a refill on his prescription from the staff at the VA’s emergency room before an upcoming appointment. “I’ve since learned you don’t go to an emergency room for that. … It has been a disinformation campaign and that’s been the biggest problem,” Jones said.

Jones tweeted that after waiting for about five hours, the doctor he was supposed to see was preparing to leave and told him he couldn’t fill his prescription. “And asked when I would be seen. They told me that they close at 2 am and I would be moved to a different part of the hospital. I showed my frustration so the nurse walked me straight back to the on-duty doctor. He was preparing to leave at 2 am (end of his shift),” Jones wrote.

“He was rude, dismissive and said I’m leaving I’ve been here all day, you’ll have to wait, to which I replied I’ve had no legs for 8 years I feel so bad for you, he then changed his demeanor and looked at my script. He smirked and said, I can’t fill this here… I lost it,” Jones added.

Following this horrific experience at the Atlanta VA Medical Center, Jones also tweeted, “After another 15 minute wait the curse came back and told me it would be quite a long wait before she would get to me and that he didn’t think she would write a script anyway. I left in complete astonishment.”

In addition, Jones sent a tweet to the VA hospital. “Dear @DeptVetAffairs what am I supposed to do? How do I get the treatment I need/deserve if following YOUR directions gets me a 5hr wait, smart ass comments and turned away???” Jones wrote.

After the disgraceful experience at the Atlanta VA Medical Center, Jones was invited on to Fox NewsFox & Friends to talk about the ordeal and also a bold request he sent to President Donald Trump. Clearly, Jones is an incredible person who wants to make a difference for all veterans.

The bold request he sent Trump was in a tweet on May 12, 2018. “Ok @realDonaldTrump I’m officially throwing my name in that hat for mid-level management at the VA office of Disability Assistance. Backlog smacklog. @BrianMastFL and I fought a war together, lost legs together and recovered together-We’ll fix this together too #SecMast,” Jones wrote.

Instantly, numerous viewers on Twitter responded to Jones message for President Trump with enthusiastic support for his willingness to help fix the horrific culture of the VA system. During the interview with Fox & Friends, Jones noted that multiple state politicians reached out to him along with several members of the VA’s administrative team. Jones emphasized that he was drawing attention to this tragic experience not only for himself but for the countless veterans who suffer needlessly in our country every day.

In my opinion, Jones would be an outstanding addition to the VA’s administrative staff. There are probably very few people who could bring the same kind of genuine perspective and careful consideration of the problems that our veterans face in the current VA system. Jones is absolutely right, the culture of the VA needs to be changed, and until then, these kinds of stories are sadly the status quo.

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