Doug Jones In Serious Trouble As Shocked Viewers See Who Is In Celebration Ceremony Crowd

A shocking video is going viral for all the wrong reasons after a camera crew headed out to the celebration ceremony following the recent Alabama election. However, things would soon take a turn as viewers saw who was in the crowd – and it could spell serious trouble for Doug Jones.

Doug Jones In Serious Trouble As Shocked Viewers See Who Is In Celebration Ceremony Crowd
Doug Jones (left), a crowd celebrating his election (right) (Photo Credit: Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images News/Getty Images, Screenshot/Facebook)

The left has been lauding their win in Alabama after Doug Jones pulled an upset victory over Roy Moore. However, this fight may be far from over. Jones has not yet been sworn in, and Moore has refused to concede, demanding a recount – and it looks like he may have a good reason. As Mad World News reported yesterday, the numbers just don’t seem to be adding up.

According to Red State Watcher, the vote total in a key Alabama county just isn’t adding up. Officials at Fox News Research have released a tweet saying that Jones received 30% more votes in that county than Democrats did in the last Governor’s race. Jefferson County is Alabama’s most populous county with 660,367 people (including children) living there, according to 2015 records. Breaking down the numbers, Jones got a whopping 68% of the vote with a grand total of 149,000 ballots cast in his name.

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Now, keep in mind, this is a typically Republican state, and things only get weirder from here. Essentially, either Democrats did a good job at getting people out of their houses and to the ballot boxes or something is entirely wrong here.

However, that’s not all that has people scratching their heads at the moment. As it turns out, television crews recently went out to the celebratory ceremony and accidentally caught something on camera that could mean Jones is in serious trouble.

Come to find out, viewers were left shocked after seeing who was in the crowd – and Moore is definitely going to want to review the footage. Exposed via a Facebook video, one voter openly admitted to committing voter fraud.

PLEASE take a second and watch this….

Posted by Lorne Watts on Tuesday, December 12, 2017

What’s worse is the fact that he said he wasn’t alone. Smugly volunteering the information himself, a self-proclaimed voter in the Alabama election declared, “We came here all the way from different parts of the country… and all of us pitched in, to vote, and canvas together, and we got our boy elected. Let’s go! Doug Jones!”

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Now, let me state the obvious just in case anyone is unaware — only Alabama residents should be voting in an Alabama election. So, at this point, one can only imagine the extent of this fraud and how much of a role it played in the special election. Of course, this would explain the unexpected Democrat turnout for Jones that was previously discussed.

Currently, the footage is starting to circulate across social media and is kicking up quite a bit of backlash. In fact, David Harris Jr, the CEO of Uncorked Health & Wellness, let the American people know exactly what happened and how illegal means may have gotten Jones elected.

Proof of Voter Fraud in Alabama!

Proof of Voter Fraud in Alabama??? No way….. Follow me here👉👉 David Harris Jr.

Posted by David Harris Jr. on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

In the end, we shouldn’t be surprised considering everything we saw during this election. Not only was it the dirtiest this nation has ever witnessed, but leftists from all across America did their best to unethically help Jones get elected.

With the liberal media convicting Roy Moore of sexually inappropriate behavior in the court of public opinion through so-called “journalism,” calling the judge a “child molester” and “pedophile” without any proof, it’s looking like the smear campaign may have just been a cover up so no one would question the voter fraud. Instead, maybe the left was hoping we’d all dismiss the loss, thinking it was simply the result of the bad publicity.

Too bad for them, the truth is coming out — and they have their own useful idiots to thank. For now, we wait for the recount, but Moore may have some legal grounds to protest the result as crap like this continues to be exposed.

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The left likes to say that our Democracy is under attack, and they’re right. However, they’re pointing their fingers at the wrong people. Ever wonder why the Democrats oppose voter ID laws? It’s because they know just how much of their base isn’t even allowed to vote. It would destroy them.

Make sure to help expose the illegal tactics that Democrats are using to destroy the very foundation that American was built on. We cannot let this kind of mockery continue, and sadly, we can’t depend on our mainstream media to expose the truth — they’re too busy inventing their next scandal that will further their liberal agenda.