Drive-Thru Worker Spots Slumped Cop, PANICS When He Looks In The Backseat

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Drive-Thru Worker Spots Slumped Cop, PANICS When She Looks in The Backseat
Stock Image of car at McDonald’s (left), Pedro Viloria jumping out the window (right)

An employee at a Florida McDonald’s was working his otherwise ordinary shift when an off-duty police officer came through the drive-thru. As the employee brought the officer her food, he noticed the cop was suddenly slumped in her seat, but the situation was about to go from bad to worse as the worker glanced in the backseat and was quickly left in a panic after what he spotted there.

Pedro Viloria was working the drive-thru window when an off-duty police officer pulled up in her vehicle. Pedro soon realized something was wrong as he saw her slumped and appearing to struggle to breathe. However, his fear was about to intensify when noise from the backseat of the officer’s car caught his attention and sent him into a panic. That’s when he knew he had to do something and jumped out of the service window.

Drive-Thru Worker Spots Slumped Cop, PANICS When She Looks in The Backseat
Pedro Viloria jumping out the drive-thru window (Source: Daily Mail)

As Pedro noticed that the officer was struggling to breathe, he spotted her children, crying for their mom in the backseat. Then, he saw the woman pass out and the SUV started driving off, and he knew that he needed to act fast. He heroically jumped out of the window, hoping to stop the vehicle as it crashed into a curb.

“In that moment, I thought, I’d rather save that woman’s life,” Pedro recalled, according to Daily Mail. “I see she’s like inflating her neck, like trying to breathe, like ‘ahh,’ and basically I thought something was going wrong.”

The female cop was in serious need of medical assistance, and luckily, Pedro wasn’t the only hero in the McDonald’s that day. A paramedic was inside, and he, as well as another staff member, helped perform CPR, reviving the customer.

Although the cop was taken to a nearby hospital, her current condition hasn’t been reported. However, McDonald’s has recently released a statement regarding the incident involving their heroic employee:

“First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with the officer and her family during this difficult time. I think I speak for our McDonald’s family when I say how proud we are of Pedro. He is an excellent employee, so it didn’t surprise me that he took immediate action and jumped through a window to help save this woman.” They continued, “And he was not the only member of the team that played a pivotal role in ensuring she received the medical attention she needed. A second employee, who asked to remain unnamed, assisted with CPR. Their quick thinking and action were everything in that moment.”

The quick thinking and kind actions of these individuals undoubtedly helped save this woman’s life. It’s moments like this that prove there are people who will do the right thing. Although we don’t ever hope someone has an unforeseen medical issue, when they do, we pray there is someone like these heroic individuals who will step in to help save a life.