Driver Passes Teen On Street, Acts Fast When He Sees What He Has In Tow

Driver Passes Teen On Street, Acts Fast When He Sees What He Has In Tow
Daron Taylor (left), Driver’s rearview mirror (right)

While heading down a street in Cleveland, a man saw a teen in the distance on his bike. It was hot and the boy was struggling, but he just kept going, appearing to be in a hurry. As he got closer, the man noticed that the teen had a strange contraption dragging behind his bike, and the driver hit the brakes when he saw what else the boy was towing.

Shocked at the sight, the driver got out and asked him about what he was up to, but not without documenting the interaction in disbelief of what he saw. He learned that the kid’s name is Daron Taylor and that he was just 14-years-old. He was having a much different summer break than the other kids his age.

While other teens were traveling with their families, sleeping in until noon, and spending hours poolside, Taylor was doing what he felt he needed to do to make money and had an unusual way of doing it. He likes cutting grass, but without a driver’s license, he was limited to just servicing the yards of those right around him, which wasn’t enough.

Rather than making excuses or complaining that he only had a couple lawns to service, he went out on foot and found more customers far and wide — without the use of social media, which he doesn’t partake in. With the blessing of more clients came the struggle of hauling all of his gear, since he wasn’t able to afford a trailer to pull it. The man was left speechless by what the teen resolved to do about it.

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“So I don’t like walking and pushing the lawn mower, the weed wacker, ” he explained to the stunned driver. “So I saved up enough money to buy this bike right here and I bought a couple pieces of wood, that’s how I got the trailer.” Taylor created his very own trailer with the money he earned so he could keep working and increase the number of customers he serves, WSBTV reported.

The Instagram user was so impressed by his exemplary work ethic in an age of entitlement, that he shared his story online to thousands of equally moved viewers. While many other teens are Snapchatting their day away, Taylor is huffing down the street, hauling a trailer he made that is loaded up with his tools to earn an income, and ultimately the things he wants in life.

This boy isn’t just a credit to his generation, he’s an inspiration to people of all ages, proving that we are each responsible for our own success. Nobody is going to give it to you, you have to earn it. Bravo to Taylor’s parents who taught their son the value of a dollar and working for it.

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