Drivers Horrified At Massive Roadside Display When They See What Signs Say

Drivers passing by a large stretch of field at the rural end of Colorado Springs, Colorado were left shocked by what they saw against a fence that wasn’t there the day before. A massive display with four specific signs emerged overnight, leaving some residents in the area utterly horrified.


Liberals in Colorado are up in arms over the way a gun store owner, who is known as Dragonman, decided to use his property along highway 94 that he wasn’t using for anything else at the time. With careful planning and a lot of effort put into it, the landowner let everyone near El Paso county know exactly how he feels about the candidates and the current president. Now, people are saying they are deeply disturbed by it and demanding action be taken against this man.

Not only does this unidentified patriot have the same right to the First Amendment that liberals do, but he used his own property to make the statement, which he’s also entitled to do. However, none of that matters to those who disagree with him and call this man un-American for his opinion, as if voting for Hillary over Trump makes you patriotic.

Drivers Horrified At Massive Roadside Display When The See What Signs Say
Roadside display in rural Colorado on highway 94

According to the Denver City Page, five mannequins representing Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Michelle Obama, and President Barack Obama stood tall with signs in between them that said everything this man — and many Americans — are thinking, despite the site referring to it as “disturbing.”

“Goodbye Obama you were the worst president we ever had,” the sign next to Barack said. Michelle’s poster was just as accurate, reading, “Goodbye Michelle you did nothing for our country but spend taxpayers money.” When it came to Melania, the message about her said, “Melania Trump a first lady we can be proud of.” The display artist left the best for last with the likeness of Hillary Clinton seen wearing prison orange and the proud owner calling her out specifically for how bad she is for our country.

“We all know that Hillary belongs in jail. She is no good for our gun rights. She is no good for America,” her special sign read, with a statue of Trump right above her on a pedestal. After a photo of the display emerged on social media, so did the haters who said that this was an unacceptable use of his right to free speech since he was an “a**hole” in how he went about it. However, with as many Hillary supporters as there were in the thread, there was an equal or greater amount of conservatives defending what this man said and did.

“He doesn’t like Obama or Hillary. Didn’t wish any harm on them. Apparently, he supports Trump. The display is about as disturbing as a Hillary 2016 sign,” one man commented. Others pointed out the obvious to the liberal complainers, saying that just because you disagree with someone, doesn’t make them a criminal for putting this on their property.

What’s worse is that nobody had anything bad to say when a very detailed statue of a naked Trump was erected in New York and is now traveling the country. Somehow, that’s perfectly okay, but not fully clothed statues and non-threatening signs. That’s liberal logic at its finest.

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