Duggar Girls Victimized … And It Wasn’t Over 10 Years Ago Like You’ve Heard!

As we’ve all heard by now, the Duggars have some skeletons in their family closet. While the news is buzzing with the very bad things Josh Duggar did to some of his sisters over a decade ago, what people aren’t talking about is the fact that the girls have recently been victimized … as recent as today.

Duggar Girls Victimized ... And It Wasn't Over 10 Years Ago Like You've Heard!

You’ve seen it in your own social media news feed — and you may even have participated.

Before I go on, let me explain that this isn’t about Josh. This isn’t defending Josh. I don’t even want to talk about what Josh did for the purpose of this article because, frankly, the past can’t be undone, and it was dealt with a decade ago. However, these innocent girls are being victimized NOW, and it needs to stop.

I will say it again — Yes, Josh Duggar did some very, very bad things. That is clear. But what might not be so clear is the tragedy the innocent Duggar girls woke up to this very week.

What many don’t realize is that the backlash in the news and social media is only victimizing those girls all over again. They are once again reliving every horrid detail of something that happened over a decade ago, something that they put behind them — even if we can’t understand how or why.

This is something the family had addressed, and luckily, were able to overcome. Although we may not agree with their methods of doing so, who are we to tell any victim the right way to handle and cope with their abuse and their feelings that result from it?

If you’ve ever been sexually abused, it’s not something you want thrown into the public limelight for all to talk about and judge. Police investigated. No charges were pressed. The family, especially those girls, shouldn’t have their entire lives put on trial by public opinion over a decade later by people lacking the specific details of what exactly happened.

Furthermore, when a similar case is tried in courts, the identities of the minor victims are protected. The Duggar girls have not been given this respect or privacy. Some, who weren’t even involved, will never be looked at the same again thanks to a lynch mob out to expose the “fake” Duggars.

Duggar Girls Victimized ... And It Wasn't Over 10 Years Ago Like You've Heard!

Many will defend personally persecuting the Duggar family, posting heinous story after story, applauding the cancellation of their show, and all the hatred spewed against them because they put themselves in the public eye by becoming reality TV stars. However, reality TV parents have often been criticized for exposing their children to such publicity — yet, the public witch hunters have no problem throwing the girls’ personal tragedy all over the place for their own agenda.

Don’t be deceived. No one posting hate towards the Duggars, whether it be Josh, the parents, or both, gives one iota about those girls. If they did, they’d realize that abuse, which had already been investigated, is a private matter.

The family moved on, the police and courts moved on, and the girls forgave their brother. But now, they have to relive this terrible happening through the media and watch all their lives be destroyed because society thinks they know better than the police, family, church elders, and all involved in something that happened over a decade ago.

Lastly, the only defense I will give of Josh is in regards to the inappropriate label of “pedophile.” This is not accurate at all. While what he did was bad, very bad as I’ve said three times now, he was also a child of 14 years old — to be diagnosed as a pedophile, you must be at least 16 years old. By definition, a pedophile is an ADULT attracted to children. While his behavior was wrong, inappropriate, tragic, devastating… many, many adjectives and labels fit… but pedophile isn’t one of them.

This just makes me so sad for the girls to have to go through this many, many years after they moved on from it. So, the next time you’re ready to publicly shame all the Duggars and call for their heads served up on a platter, ask yourself why. Is it for the girls? It really should be. They are the victims here — not me or you. So, you feel like you were deceived by the Do-Good Duggars? So what. This isn’t about the public. It’s about the girls, and quite frankly, they don’t deserve this. Leave those girls alone… or you’re no better than Josh.

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