[WATCH] Video Shows How Easy It Is To Outsmart An ISIS Sniper

In the war against ISIS, resistance fighters are battling these barbarians in the trenches every day, attempting to flush out these heinous terrorists.

In a video uploaded to LiveLeak, an ISIS sniper fires relentlessly at his opposition. Although the sniper is off camera and can’t be seen, his repeated shots can be, as he fires at his target again and again. There’s just one problem.

The presumed ISIS sniper, probably believes he is rather skilled, as he lands shot after shot towards the location of his enemy, but in all reality, he’s hitting a blanket on a broomstick, as he’s easily fooled by the resistance fighter seen in the footage. But it gets better.

Did you catch what the unwise ISIS sniper was doing wrong? The sniper shoots repeatedly at the exact same place each and every time, and this is a huge mistake for any sniper.

A skilled sniper will never fire from the same position twice. The resistance fighters were able to trick the ISIS militant into continually firing from the same spot, giving away his location. If you listen towards the end of the video, you hear an explosion. Of course, there is speculation over whether the explosion is in response to what’s seen in the video, but it’s quite reasonable to assume what happened.

This is a common practice that soldiers use to find where a sniper is located. In his arrogance, the ISIS sniper fell into the trap of continually shooting at the same spot instead of switching his position.

Some viewers on LiveLeak question the authenticity of the video and cautioned the resistance fighters in their attempts to pinpoint the sniper’s position. One viewer said, “I would be checking how solid the wall I’m hiding behind is before I got too cocky.” While another user laughed at the “sniper,” commenting, “Hardly a sniper. lol”

The video speaks for itself and is pretty amusing to watch. Nothing says AWESOME quite like seeing ISIS get owned on video. What did you think?

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