Eerie Unanswered Calls Lead To GHASTLY Discovery Inside Michigan Home

Clinton Township

Christy McKeogh was known for always returning calls from friends and loved ones, so when days went by and no one heard from the woman, her family members became highly concerned. Unfortunately, the eerie unanswered calls would lead to a ghastly discovery inside her Michigan home that they never expected.

After contacting local authories, the family’s worst fears were realized. On the morning of Friday, January 15, Christy McKeogh and her husband James were found dead inside of their Clinton Township home. According to WXYZ-TV, Christy’s brother arrived at the home to check on her after he made several calls that she never returned. When he entered the home, he made the ghastly discovery. Her body was found in the living room and her husband’s in the garage.

Christy McKeogh and her husband James McKeogh
Christy McKeogh and James McKeogh

Clinton Township Police Chief Fred Posavets echoed a similar recount of the discovery, which has been classified as a double homicide. “They were trying to get ahold of her, she wasn’t returning phone calls that morning. They became very worried, went to the house and discovered the bodies,” said Posavets. “There was no forced entry, so it’s not like it was an invader, we believe that they were let into the house.”

The eerie discovery now raises a number of questions about the series of events that occurred during the final moments of the couple’s lives. Clinton Township Detective Capt. Richard Maierle has confirmed that autopsies have been performed, but the results will not be released due to the impending investigation, according to Macomb Daily. It has been reported that there were no signs of forced entry which raises speculation about the possibility of a connection between the couple and their killer.

“We believe, possibly this is somebody that may have known the couple,” said Posavets. Anyone with information on the double homicide of Christy and James McKeogh is asked to call Clinton Township police at 586-493-7840.

Unfortunately, those around us may not always have the best intentions. There is a strong possibility this couple was killed by someone they are very familiar with. It truly is important to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Whoever committed this vicious crime should rot in a prison cell.

[Image via WXYZ Screen Capture]