What Egypt Is Doing with 27,000 Mosques Has Millions of Muslims Outraged

What Egypt Is Doing with 27,000 Mosques Has Millions of Muslims Outraged
Worshippers flock to a mosque in Cairo for Friday prayers. (Reuters)

For centuries, Egypt has seen the devastation that Islamic immigration brings. Technology, Science, and Progressivism suffer opposing Quranic laws, ultimately giving way under the pressure of demanding Muslims.

However, Egyptian President Gen. Abdel Fatah el-Sisi knows that in order to strike down Islamic terrorism, you have to exterminate the nests: the mosques, the hotbeds of radicalization.

Knowing that mosques are the hub of extreme Quranic teaching, el-Sisi and the Egyptian government hope to reduce the threat of Islam, including the recruiting of ISIS insurgents in Egypt, by shutting down 27,000 mosques.

Al-Monitor reports that an Egyptian administrative court upheld the Ministry of Religious Endowments’ decision issued in 2013 to close down the 27,000 mosques. According to the legislation, only mosques that hold a special permit issued by the government will be allowed to keep their doors open.

The court knows that the larger mosques that hold these permits will not have the room to harbor the displaced worshippers, leaving hundreds of thousands without a place to exercise their Friday prayers.

Intellectuals support the decision, arguing that Islam is not a religion, but a political ideology, because of its main goal being the establishment of an Islamic governing body, or Caliphate, that must rule over the entire world.

The ministry has also awarded 400 preaching permits to Salafist leaders, but there is a simple and smart excuse for this. Those that hold permits will be monitored closely by government, almost as if the ministry is regulating this so-called “religion.”

Of those 400 permitted imams, each one had to take an oath not to use the pulpit for political preaching. A committee which will oversee the new preachers during Friday prayers will have the right to immediately cancel their permits and take legal action against them if they fail to abide by their agreement with the ministry.

Any imam who preaches about the Caliphate or any other political aspect of Islam will be barred from ever preaching in Egypt again.

Not only are official mosques being shut down, meeting places where small groups of Muslims gather in secret, also called mini-mosques, will be disbanded as well.

The incredible move by Egypt’s government is not only politically incorrect, it is a working solution to the country’s Islamic terrorism problem, proving that if you abuse it, you lose it.

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