WATCH: When Employee Denies Special Request, Unhinged Woman Goes Off On ‘Racist’ Taco Bell

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Viral footage has emerged on social media after a few Taco Bell employees were recently harassed by a blithering drama queen, and it was all caught on video. The woman had one special request, and when it was denied, she became unhinged, flying off the handle about how “racist” Taco Bell was for not fulfilling her demands. The clip is spreading like wildfire as shocked viewers are left in disbelief by what made this woman accuse the fast food joint of “racism” and fed-up customers, who wouldn’t tolerate any more of her nonsense, brought her to tears.

Screenshots from the video footage (Photo Credits: YouTube/Media Frenzy)

According to the New York Post, the incident recently took place at a Taco Bell location in the U.S. The woman who is seen in the video has become an internet star, but not for any good reasons. She definitely falls into the category of “you can’t fix stupid.”

Everyone knows Taco Bell makes tacos and burritos — except for this woman who insisted that they should give her an order of french fries. What’s worse, she then lost her mind completely when the employee told her they didn’t have any and continued to spiral out of control as the guy behind her gave her a much needed verbal smackdown.

This crazy person didn’t waste any time annoying the cashier as she began, “I just literally want a medium french fries from the dollar menu,” to which the Taco Bell employee responded with the obvious, saying, “French fries? We don’t sell french fries.” Undeterred, the woman said, “Yes, french fries.”

She continued, showing just how delusional she was, as she went on, “You’re Burger King. You don’t sell french fries?” At this point, viewers likely begin to think it’s some sort of joke. Unfortunately, you’d be mistaken.

The cashier is immediately annoyed with the confused customer and fires back, “You think you’re in Burger King? This is Taco Bell. See the menu?” This is when the irritating woman should have walked away — but she didn’t. “Literally, I’ve never been able to not get an order in,” she said in her arrogant voice at the already fed-up cashier.

The cashier continues to put up with her and says, “I’m sorry, welcome to Taco Bell. How may I help you today?” However, the crazy just doesn’t stop, and two guys behind the woman, who are apparently recording the episode, become equally annoyed.

After a few more stupid comments to the cashier, the woman looks back at the two guys behind her and says, “This is racism at its f*cking finest.”

This is about all one of the guy’s could handle. “No, it’s not, girl. They’ve got tacos and burritos,” he yelled.

At this point, the woman tries to insult the guy, but like her special request for fries, it falls flat. “I’m so happy because you have literally four eyes, I’m like, literally moving slow,” she says, leaving all of us wondering, what does that even mean?

This was the last straw. The other guy watching this all go down lost his cool and said what the employees had wanted to say to this woman all night: “You’re ignorant as f*ck.”

“No, I’m not. I literally work with people who are challenged every day, and I never like, I just ordered french fries,” she wines, according to the clip which was also uploaded to Crave Online. Then came the tears.

The woman turned to the super irritated Taco Bell employee and cried for sympathy. “Do you see this?” she asked. At that point, she’s arguing with the two guys about Burger King, and the employee is probably wishing she’d gotten a job at the local morgue, where the customers would have more brain activity than this one, instead of her gig at Taco Bell.

After a few more moments and much to the relief of everyone else involved, the crying crazy woman finally walked out of the restaurant in tears bringing the bizarre video to an end.

Maybe the woman was drunk or on drugs when she walked into the restaurant. Whatever her excuse, it was very obvious that her mind was completely absent that night. After taking a look at the clip, many agree that, regardless of what caused it, this woman should have kept her crazy at home.

When this woman’s family and friends see this video, and I’m positive they will, they should shame her into never stepping foot in another fast food joint. Or, perhaps, make sure she had taken her meds before she leaves the house. Hopefully, a bit of humiliation will help her rethink her life choices.

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