Drivers Witness Encounter Between Cop & Homeless Man, Forced To Snap Pic

When several motorists drove down the road in Georgetown, Kentucky, they quickly noticed an unusual encounter between a cop and a homeless man. However, what really caught their eyes was what the cop did, prompting them to immediately take a photo.

As onlookers passed Exit 125 in Georgetown, they all noticed something that they will never forget. As a homeless man stood on the side of the road, they saw a police officer pull over and talk to him. However, what happened next was something worth seeing and forced them all to snap a quick picture.

Rita Baker saw the entire incident unfold and was amazed by what she witnesses between Officer Brandon White and the homeless man. Officer White left the man standing alone after a few moments of talking with the man and returned with a plate of food. However, that’s not what all the hype is about. What happened next has left everyone stunned.

Onlookers Witness Encounter Between Cop & Homeless Man, Forced To Snap Pic
The officer and homeless man praying (Image Source: Love What Matters)

In fact, another onlooker posted the encounter on the Love What Matters Facebook page, knowing that it was something worth seeing.

“I saw this today on my way home from work and it melted my heart,” Kendall Wills explained. “I don’t know the whole story, but while at a stop light, I noticed a police officer pulled over on the side of the exit ramp in Georgetown and saw that he was talking to this gentleman. The officer then grabbed the man’s hand in both of his hands and they both bowed their heads. They stood this way for about 30 seconds. I don’t know what was said, but they appeared to be praying.

Although these two men are from completely different walks of life, there’s no better proof that there’s still good left in the world than two strangers taking a moment to put all of their differences aside while they pray together. Our world is filled with hate, but no matter how crazy the world gets, God is always there.

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