Candace Cameron’s EPIC Message To ‘The View’ Leaves Liberals Speechless

From ridiculous statements about nurses to now insulting the millions of God-fearing Americans that hold a faith in a higher power, the hosts of The View don’t seem to know when to shut their traps. Once again, their ill-informed ramblings are striking a nerve with conservatives across the country, but Candace Cameron just delivered an epic message to the liberal lunatics those of us on the right can applaud. […]

Nugent Just Flipped The Turban Off Obama's Claim That He's A Christian

Nugent Just Flipped The Turban Off Obama’s Claim That He’s A Christian

Recently, America has come to love Ted Nugent even more. It’s not for his music, but for being an outspoken conservative mouthpiece for patriotism. His latest statement gives us a prime example of exactly what we mean by this. Ted has never been one for political correctness, which is the reason why his unfiltered statements are so great. Saying it how it is, he called Obama out this week on his actual faith, in only a way Ted could. […]