Aerosmith Frontman Kills Trump's Dream, Threatens To Get A Lawyer

Aerosmith Frontman Kills Trump’s Dream, Threatens To Get A Lawyer

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is making his distaste for Donald Trump known, and he’s doing so as loudly as his lyrics and onstage performances. Showing he’s serious, the rockstar has let his lawyer do the talking to kill Trump’s campaign “dream,” effective immediately. But in typical Trump style, he’s doing what he wants anyway, telling the attorney where they can stick their threats with what he did just two days after the bomb was dropped on him. […]


Mom Catches EERIE Oddity On Camera While Watching Son Play [VID]

Ghouls and goblins are everywhere these days, and most people accredit that to fast-approaching Halloween. However, one mom begs to differ following a recent eerie encounter that occurred inside her home. Now, she’s shared the disturbing experience with the world. She’s left some people spooked and others scratching their heads. But, you’ll have to watch the footage to understand why. […]