Entitled Muslim Couple Bullies Poor Waitress, Karma Delivers Nasty Surprise

A Christian waitress was working a shift at a homestyle diner when the couple she was serving began bullying her, demanding better service because of their religion. However, as soon as they went on social media to further humiliate and intimidate the poor woman, they were slapped with a nasty dose of well-deserved karma.

Daphne Ridenour and Alan Crawford mistakenly thought their religion protected them from making terroristic threats to a Christian waitress.

Anyone who thinks that Islamic supremacy is confined in Middle Eastern countries that enact strict Sharia law on religious minorities is in for a rude awakening. Not only is the growing migrant population demanding implementation of their foreign religious restrictions in the West, but Western converts are just as quick to adopt a sense of entitlement and superiority.

Showing just how far beneath them are the infidel unbelievers, a pair of Muslim converts proceeded to terrorize a waitress at an Arkansas diner. NWA reports that a waitress, whose identity is withheld for security purposes, was serving Daphne Ridenour and Alan Crawford when the pair began making terroristic threats and belittling her Christian faith.

The couple told the waitress at Mel’s Diner in Prairie Grove, “People like you are the reason we kill.” The pair had complained that they were not receiving the service they believe they deserved, making discriminatory comments such as, “Only a Christian would treat [us] like that.”

Daphne and Alan were arrested on terrorism-related charges and the FBI has begun an investigation on them.

Suffering through the appalling abuse, as waitresses so often do, the woman continued to serve the couple until they left, thinking that would be the end of her trauma. Unfortunately, the Muslims weren’t done with her yet.

Daphne began stalking the waitress via Facebook, posting a photo in an open group of her husband in “Muslim attire,” holding a rifle, according to PJ Media. The Muslima also directed several death threats at the terrified woman and her family, telling her that Alan would “show up with an AK-47.”

Thanks to the waitress’ courage and resistance towards political correctness, the couple’s long history of Islamic threats has finally caught up with them. Daphne and Alan were arrested and charged with making terroristic threats and the FBI has begun an investigation into their extensive rap sheet.

  • In October 2009, Alan was arrested and charged with rape and sodomy, which were later dropped.
  • After a military serviceman was killed in November 2015, the Muldrow police and Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the pair was a credible threat to the memorial service, however, they were never charged.
  • In December 2015, the pair had to be forcibly removed from Central Mall in Fort Smith because they were suspiciously recording the mall’s entrances, which is against the building’s policy.
  • Among countless other threats on social media, Alan threatened to murder a Fort Smith car dealer, adding that he had “many guns.”

Of course, Muslims and their leftist apologists will argue that the couple is just part of the “tiny minority of extremists” giving Islam a bad name. However, they never have anything to say about the abuse directed towards any other religion by Muslims. While Christians are blamed for discrimination simply for under-par restaurant service, Muslims are using it and any other excuse as justification for their onslaught.

The couple’s reasoning that Christians not treating them with the supremacy to which they think they are entitled is vindication for terror attacks is a testament to their beliefs. There aren’t Christians, Buddhists, Jews, or Hindus going around beheading, blowing up, and gunning down minorities en masse. It’s Muslims. Muslims are committing genocide all over the world, yet we’re not even allowed to point this out, much less the countless religious texts that command this and show how their prophet modeled it.

Muslims around the world aren’t murdering because Christians treat them any particular way. They have been murdering for 1,400 years and continue to do so because their prophet encouraged and practiced it and because the left will defend their actions to the death.

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