Ex-CIA Operative’s Bold Admission About DNC Hacker BLOWS Russian Narrative

Hillary Clinton (left), former CIA operative Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer (right)

If the government had proof that the Russians hacked the DNC, blowing the Democrats’ chances in the 2016 presidential election, we’d all have seen it by now. Not to mention, WikiLeaks operatives have stated that DNC staffers leaked the information and there was no Russian hacking. Now, we have a little more information, and Democrats are getting even more afraid as an ex-CIA operative voiced a shocking theory.

Democrats are already shaking in their Birkenstocks after WikiLeaks announced that they have released only 1% of the Vault 7 data, proving the government spies on and assassinates American citizens at will. However, Democrats will be even more terrified of the very government they forced on us when they hear what former U.S. Intelligence operative Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer told Sean Hannity.

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Shaffer, along with former NSA official William Binney, were brought on Hannity’s program to discuss the recent CIA leak, where methods to bypass encryption devices and hack other electronic devices were disclosed. The CIA, of course, wouldn’t comment on the nature of the documents about these programs. [Source: Townhall]

During the discussion, Shaffer made a revelation that the DNC was not hacked by Russians as the left so vehemently proclaims even without a shred of evidence. He tells us exactly who is responsible for all the leaks and, like WikiLeaks has already said, they came from within. When asked who hacked the DNC, Shaffer responded honestly and didn’t mince words.

Sean, we did it [hack the DNC], not me, but our guysformer members of NSA, retired intelligence officers used these tools to break in there and get the information out. That’s what the Democrats don’t want to talk about because it doesn’t fit their narrative,” said Shaffer.

Hannity seemed skeptical, and like any good journalist, he asked Shaffer for his sources, but Shaffer is the source in this instance. He insinuated that former operatives did this and put “Russian fingerprints” on it so Democrats could blame anyone but themselves.

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Shaffer did admit that he didn’t have proof, but as a former operative, it would be unlikely that he would. Just like the Democrats don’t have proof the Russians did it as a means to help Donald Trump’s campaign. All of this is still just a theory until we are shown proof.

While this theory is plausible, WikiLeaks has said that the leaks came directly from irritated staffers within the DNC who were upset that Democrats colluded with Hillary Clinton to keep Bernie Sanders from getting the presidential nomination. The whistleblowing site has a proven track record of being honest and forthcoming.

There are a lot of theories out there, and most don’t have any shred of evidence to back them up. However, WikiLeaks seems to be the most trustworthy and reliable source. Still, Shaffer could be correct, and it would make WikiLeaks correct as well. A CIA operative could have hacked the DNC, given the information to an upset socialist who, in turn, handed it over to WikiLeaks. If this is proven true, all of the leaks would be the fault of the Democrats and the communists they put in power, and the election loss could be pinned on their own government operatives.

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Either way, it’s not Russia we have to worry about. It’s our own government agencies and officials that seem to be the problem, and it’s time to drain the swamp, just as President Donald Trump promised — and that is exactly why the Russian narrative was created. The Democrats are running scared as they see themselves circling the drain.