Ex-Muslim Imam Confronts Obama With Question That Has Us CHEERING

Ex-Muslim Imam Pens Open Letter, Giving Obama A History Lesson About Islam
Dr. Mark Christian is a former Muslim imam who has exposed Barack Obama’s hypocrisy on the Syrian “refugee crisis.”

A former Muslim imam who converted to Christianity over a decade ago couldn’t wait for President Obama to speak in his hometown. So, he decided to confront the U.S. president about bringing in Syrian refugees — and the way he brilliantly exposes Obama’s hypocrisy is nothing short of embarrassing for the commander-in-chief.

Dr. Mark Christian, founder and president of the Global Faith Institute, is not only an apostate of Islam, he’s also a force to be reckoned with in the face of mass Muslim migration. Taking a stand against the Obama administration’s aggressive Islamic agenda to flood the U.S. with refugees solely from Muslim countries, the former devout Muslim imam has penned an open letter that confronts his leftist propaganda in the most incredible way.

As Barack Obama heads to Nebraska on Wednesday 13, Dr. Christian has prepared to confront the president’s hypocrisy in the “war on terrorism” with a few questions that prove the failure in his “success tour.”

With Obama coming to Omaha on the first stop of his “victory lap” following Tuesday’s State of the Union, the Global Faith Institute (GFI) feels we should prepare a proper welcome for him. He’s planning to tout his “successes.” Well, Omaha has questions for this President and we expect answers…

Is it “success” to insist on resettling Syrian refugees knowing we can’t adequately screen them?

Is it “success” to protect known front operations of the Muslim Brotherhood in America by halting a pending indictment against them in federal court?

Or perhaps it’s a “success” when he says “something must be done” to make America safer, and that “something” turns out to be making life difficult for lawful gun owners rather than dealing with Islamic supremacists and border security.

We have more than 30 separate organizations in Nebraska that have all stated a willingness to attend a counter-rally. We will help them do that by hosting that rally, where we expect to see hundreds (if not thousands) of our fellow citizens coming together to send President Obama a clear message, in terms anyone can understand… “With all due respect Sir, your Presidency is a failure.”

The city of Omaha has survived your Presidency, not benefited from it. The success of our nation has nothing to do with your socialist, pro-Islamist, pro-Muslim brotherhood, unconstitutional executive orders presidency.

We anticipate wide-ranging participation in spoiling the first stop of President Obama’s “victory lap.” This will be an entirely free event, open to the public.

We DID build that Mr. President, and you would do well to recognize that our success is in spite of your policies, not because of them.

Of course, this isn’t the first time he has outlined the obvious flaws in Obama’s leftist agenda. In a previous interview with Mad World News, Dr. Christian condemned his comparison of the Islamic State’s brutality to the Crusades, asking when he would begin equally denouncing terrorism done in the name of Islam.

“ISIS does nothing that Mohammed didn’t first do 14 centuries ago. You see, the problem isn’t a ‘radical interpretation of Islam,’ the problem is the belief in Islam that Mohammed was the ‘perfect man,’ and as such, worthy of emulation in all things.

You know Christians will bow their heads and pray for you whereas Muslims will simply take your head and celebrate.”

Having a firsthand knowledge of Islam’s inherent violence, Dr. Christian hopes to warn America of the impending Islamic war that’s reached our shore. Of course, Obama won’t answer these simple questions, but we can answer the end of his presidency by taking our nation back from the leftists who apologize for the very ideology threatening to destroy it.

Photo Credit [Global Faith Institute, The Federalist Papers]

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