Ex-Muslim Imam’s Open Letter To Trump Is Chilling, Warns About Fate Of U.S.

Ex-Muslim Imam's Open Letter To Trump Gives Chilling Warning On U.S. Muslims
After recently revealing that 80 percent of American mosques are under the supervision of the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Mark Christian is urging Americans to sign his petition requesting that Donald Trump pressure Muslims to take responsibility for their religion’s violent nature.

An ex-Muslim and former imam with insider information about the Muslim Brotherhood has broken his silence after the terrorist attack in Orlando, speaking directly to Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Giving an alarming warning to Americans about Muslims in the U.S., the Christian convert has come forward to expose exactly what’s going on in thousands of mosques across the country.

Dr. Mark Christian of the Global Faith Institute hasn’t only risked his life to speak out about Islam, he has a price on his head for committing the unforgivable sin punishable by death under Sharia — converting to another faith. Although he is now a Christian leader who drives a steadfast campaign against political, militant, and social Islam, he attributes this to his sinister revelation as an up-and-coming imam in Egypt.

Raised to preach Islam since early childhood, Dr. Christian became a military physician at the El-Maadi Military Medical Center in Cairo, treating prominent government officials including the family of President Hosni Mubarak. Although his father and uncle are still considered high-ranking Muslim Brotherhood members, Dr. Christian’s conversion has inspired him to warn the U.S. of the terrifying fate that awaits if we continue to embrace “the religion of peace.”

After recently warning that 80 percent of the 2,800 mosques in America are under the direct supervision of the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Christian is pleading with Trump in an open letter to crack down on Islamic terrorism at its source — theological Islam. By urging Americans to sign his petition to Trump, he promises to ask the Republican candidate to “take a stand to protect the American public and uphold the U.S. Constitution” from the domestic enemy that is creeping Islam.

Requiring only a name and email address, the petition outlines 4 major points that, if adopted by Trump, would drastically alter the future of America.

  1. Require the Islamic institutions in America to admit the fault within the Islamic teaching and Islamic theology that led to the Orlando terrorist attack.
  2. Require that Islamic institutions discontinue speech and actions that victimize any group, whether they are LGBT, women, or peoples of other faiths.
  3. Demand they take drastic steps towards changing the Islamic message throughout the Islamic mosques in America to abide with the laws and the Constitution of the United States of America, and preach against violence, hatred and killings of LGBT, women and those who believe differently.
  4. If the Islamic community refuses, hold them complicit and accountable in perpetrating the anti-American rhetoric of Sharia and entirely responsible for every person wounded or killed as a result of any teachings in compliance with Sharia.

“Obama is questioning the need of calling the threat ‘radical Islam,'” Dr. Christian said, turning his focus to President Barack Obama’s ineptitude in the war on terror. “The Orlando shooter, Mr. President, was let go twice after an FBI investigation because they were looking for organizational terrorist links and not devoutness to a radical religion, but if they had done that we wouldn’t be mourning the death of 49 Americans now.”

Dr. Christian added that many are using aspects of Orlando jihadist Omar Mateen’s religiosity as a connection to mental illness, but this is all part of Allah’s commands outlined in the Quran. In any other case, domestic abuse would never be considered so meticulously, and giving it any motivation other than what Quran 4:34 urges is simply minimizing Mateen’s understanding of Islam.

“The shooter beating his wife and abusing her doesn’t make him a mentally disturbed man but proves him a very devout Muslim who is abiding with the Quran teaching of disciplining his disobedient wife. The same Islam that motivated him to plan with his new wife, the Muslim one, a terrorist attack and kill gays,” Dr. Christian said.

Not only does Dr. Christian understand how dangerous even a tiny minority of Muslims can be under the protection of democracy, he knows firsthand that Islam’s goal is to establish Sharia law in every country on the globe by any means necessary. Unfortunately for the U.S., this attack isn’t always through physical terror, although this measure is also very effective in subduing the unbelievers.

Thanks to our own tolerance and freedom, Islam is seizing the opportunity to achieve its ultimate goal. Unless steps like the ones Dr. Christian urges are taken, this just may become a reality for future generations.

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