After Another Explosion At FedEx, Trump Gives “Texas Bomber” Stern Warning

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After another explosion at a FedEx location on Tuesday, President Donald Trump has a stern warning for the “Texas Bomber.” You don’t want to miss this.

A screenshot from live video footage at the scene of the bombing (background), President Donald Trump (inset) (Photo Credits: YouTube/KXAN/Fox News)

According to Fox News, President Donald Trump told reporters on Tuesday, March 20, 2018, that the person responsible for multiple bombings in Texas this month is “very sick.” The president assured reporters that authorities would “get to the bottom of it” during a statement at the White House.

President Trump’s response came hours after a package exploded at the FedEx plant in Schertz, Texas, while authorities investigated a second Texas FedEx facility in Austin due to a report of a suspicious package being found.

According to a statement from San Antonio Police Chief Bill McManus, another package that investigators believe was loaded with an explosive device was found at the facility. Since the beginning of the March, a total of six explosive devices have been discovered in Texas. Out of the six devices, five have exploded, resulting in the deaths of two innocent people. Several other people have been seriously injured.

“The bombings in Austin are terrible. Local, state, and federal are working hand in hand to get to the bottom of it. This is obviously a very very sick individual or maybe individuals,” President Trump said in response to Tuesday’s explosion.

These are sick people and we will get to the bottom of it. We will be very strong. We have all sorts of federal agencies over there right now. We’re searching. What’s going on in Austin, a great place, tremendous place, is absolutely disgraceful. So, we have a lot of power over there. We’re looking, it’s not easy to find but these are sick people and we have to find them as soon as possible,” Trump continued.

“We have to find them really, immediately. I have to say, working with Texas, working with the local governments has been great, but we have to produce, we have to find this very sick person or people,” he added.

The President’s comments come as law enforcement appeared to be making progress in the bombing investigation. The Sunset Valley Police Department told Fox News in an emailed statement that the FBI is looking into a “confirmed link” between packages involved in the Austin bombing probe and a mail delivery office in Sunset Valley.

“It appears that the source of the suspect packages was a private package delivery office in Sunset Valley,” police said in a statement that was also distributed to residents. The department also said that officers are providing traffic control in the area but that there are “no known public safety threats to Sunset Valley residents, visitors or shoppers.”

The explosion in Schertz happened a day after law enforcement officials in Austin said a “serial bomber” is likely responsible for four explosions in Austin since the beginning of March. Prior to Tuesday’s incident, the latest explosion occurred in Austin on Sunday, March 18, 2018, when two people were injured after they crossed a tripwire rigged to an explosive device. Police suspect that fishing line may have been used by the serial bomber in that incident.

The two victims who were injured in Sunday’s incident are both residents of a southwestern Austin neighborhood. One of the men was identified as a 22-year-old white male and the other as a 23-year-old white male. The victims from the previous bombings were black or Hispanic, according to police.

One of the victim’s family members spoke with the Associated Press on Monday. William Grote, who identifies himself as the grandfather of one of the victims, said, “Well he and his friend were riding a bicycle about a block from their house and one of them was off the curb right in the street. The other one was on the sidewalk walking and it was so dark they couldn’t tell and they tripped and set off this explosion, didn’t see it.” He further told the AP, “It was a wire and it blew up.”

A reward for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for the deadly explosions has risen to $115,000. As authorities continue to search for clues that will identify those responsible for the horrific bombings, our prayers go out to the victims and their families. Someone out there has to know or suspect something. We can only hope they will see this and do the right thing, reporting those responsible.

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