Facebook ATTACKS Anti-Islam Activist…Her FACE Violated Community Standards

Facebook ATTACKS Anti-Islam Activist...Her FACE Violated Community Standards

A Facebook page with a 4.7 million post reach geared towards exposing Islam and its violent fundamentals was just shut down. However, the posts that Facebook cited as cause for removal should serve as a dire warning to anyone who values their freedom of speech — especially when it comes to talking openly about Islam.

I am Dom the Conservative, administrator of the Facebook page of the same name. Well, at least I used to be until the social media giant deleted it. From nothing, I grew the page to over 57,000 subscribers, boasting a whopping 4.7 million post reach. However, because of what I said about Islam, I was heavily targeted by Muslims and pro-Islam apologists, resulting in banning and, ultimately, deletion.

Facebook ATTACKS Anti-Islam Activist...Her FACE Violated Community Standards

I’ve seen many conservative pages posting comical memes about bacon or pigs, poking fun at Muslims and mocking their prophet Muhammad. While that’s all in good fun, my page was different. I spent no time jesting about Muslims or Islam. In fact, everything I posted revolved around proving that the Quran’s seemingly violent verses were to be taken literally, as the sole messenger of Allah and example to all Muslims modeled them.

I would post Quran and Hadith scriptures that commanded the religious slaughter of unbelievers, historical texts about the battles Muhammad waged against peaceful tribes, and Sharia legislation in Muslim countries. My caution in keeping within “Facebook Community Standards” by softening my fact-based observations were not enough to protect me from the site’s careless censorship.

Facebook ATTACKS Anti-Islam Activist...Her FACE Violated Community Standards
Facebook notified me that my page’s profile picture violated their Community Standards, banning me for 30 days.

Before long, no amount of administrators or self-censored speech could keep my page from being unpublished. The final straw was when Facebook notified me that I was banned for 30 days because my page’s profile picture “doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards.”

Desperate to regain the platform by which I raised funds to help persecuted Christians, atheists, and, yes, even Muslims from Islamic tyranny, I appealed to Facebook employees through their “appeal process.” My appeal was denied, and my life’s work was shattered.

Of course, both of my pages fell victim to pro-Islam trolls and Facebook’s deeply flawed monitoring system, not at all because I was in such violation of their purposefully vague rules. However, this isn’t even close to being the important aspect of this injustice.

Facebook ATTACKS Anti-Islam Activist...Her FACE Violated Community Standards
Over 57,000 subscribers, a 4.7 million post reach, and a platform for assisting those persecuted by Islamic tyranny — gone.

I want this to serve as a terrifying warning call to everyone who values free speech, especially in the wake of American Muslims demanding Sharia legislation that outlaws any negative speech about Islam. In the face of this attack on our First Amendment rights, I couldn’t care less about being vindicated, although I’m heartbroken for the persecuted people confusedly awaiting my response and aid.

In every country that is currently an Islamic nation, free speech does not exist, and only Islam and its political system is protected from any criticism. Of course, this is the very first thing to go when Muslims infiltrate a non-Muslim country. We’re seeing it now more than ever today.

It begins with a cry for respect and tolerance, then the cry grows to a demand for legislation that “protects” Muslim from “hate speech” — much like the resolution that was just brought before the House last month. Once this Sharia blasphemy law passes, there’s nothing stopping anyone from taking your other rights, simply because you have no right to object or even warn of what’s happening.

Facebook ATTACKS Anti-Islam Activist...Her FACE Violated Community Standards
After I reported his comment, Facebook responded that Farhan Khan’s threat didn’t violate their Community Standards.

What’s happening on Facebook might seem like a trivial thing, but considering that the world’s largest social media site is a major platform for terrorist recruiting, propaganda, and fund-raising, this bias has devastating consequences. In fact, Egypt just arrested “three influential Facebook administrators” belonging to terrorist organization The Muslim Brotherhood.

Just two minutes after Ghonim launched his Facebook page, 300 people had joined it, and after three months the number had grown to more than 250,000.

My page was not even a quarter of the size of a pro-terrorism page, yet this and 23 other connected pages were able to use Facebook to incite Islamic violence in the name of one of the world’s most powerful terrorist organizations. Of course, what would we expect, since Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pledged his undying support solely to Muslims immediately following the San Bernardino shooting and not too long after being caught on a hot mic making political promises to German Chancellor Angela Merkel that he is working on censoring speech regarding her pro-Islamic immigration policies.

My page is not the first and it certainly will not be the last to go, but I pray that it sounds an alarm to every non-Muslim around the world. If I have to lose everything I have in order to wake up people in defense of our constitutional freedoms, then so be it. Death threats from Muslims or vulgarity and slurs from liberals will not win their desired silence from me.

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