Facebook Live Gang-Rape Victim Finds Sick Liberal Surprise Outside Her Door

Facebook Live Gang-Rape Victim Finds Sick Liberal Surprise Outside Her Door
After local hero 21-year-old Josefine Lundgren (right) identified 3 Muslim migrants (left and center) who Facebook live streamed their rape of an unidentified Swedish woman, the world was shocked to see the offenders receive paltry sentences. (Photo source: CIR Noticias, The Sun)

After it was reported that the Muslim refugees who had gang raped a woman and broadcast it live on Facebook had been jailed, the traumatized victim thought she might have some relief. However, when she looked out her window just hours after their sentence was announced, she was horrified to discover a sickening surprise, courtesy of the liberal community.

In January 2017, the world was shocked when 3 Muslim migrants uploaded footage of themselves participating in the brutal gang-rape of a Swedish woman. Labeled “unaccompanied refugee children” by the heavily censored liberal media, readers were further outraged after 21-year-old Reza Mohammed Ahmadi was jailed for just 2 years and 4 months and 18-year-old Maysam Afshar was jailed for 12 months for rape while their accomplice, 21-year-old Emil Khodagholi, received a paltry 6 months in prison on Tuesday, according to the Metro.

Believing she would at least have a few months of mental peace knowing her rapists were behind bars, the unidentified victim quickly realized that as long as Sweden is run by liberals, she will never be safe.

Just hours after her attackers were sentenced, the Swedish victim returned to her Uppsala home only to soon be attacked by a mob of 25 to 30 pro-refugee rioters outside of her house yelling threats and condemning her as a “Swedish whore,” local outlet Fria Tider reports. Considering that this is a term that Muslim migrants commonly use to describe native women, it is speculated that the mob consisted of Muslim asylum seekers meaning to intimidate the victim and other women to keep silent about migrant rape.

The woman told reporters that this isn’t the first time she’s encountered the left’s beloved migrants, who are mostly Muslim men. Once when she was walking with her sister, a group of migrants began screaming profanities and insults at her and promised that she would “go to hell” for her independent behavior, which they blamed for her rape.

“They said they would kill me and I did not dare go out,” she said. “One night there were 20 to 25 people screaming in the parking lot outside my apartment.” She further explained that she feels like she is in a “living hell” and her “whole life is ruined.”

The victim explained that the mob accused her of making refugees look bad by reporting the rape. They have since continued threatening her to stay inside her house like a respectable woman, which is in accordance with Islamic fundamentals.

Disturbingly, this is the same rhetoric that the rapists spewed in the footage of their crimes. “A Swedish whore should be f*****!” one of the rapists laughed in the video, according to the court records. The trio was, of course, encouraged by fellow Muslim men who were watching as the crimes took place, agreeing that the victim was a “whore” for no other reason than her being a Swedish non-Muslim woman.

The Sun reports that although Afshar was found guilty of rape, his sentence was reduced from an already paltry 2 years in prison to just 12 months because he was tried as a minor. Despite being 18, many asylum seekers are tried as minors in Sweden, allowing them to remain in the country and serve lesser sentences.

Of all those watching the live-streamed rape on social media, 21-year-old Josefine Lundgren was the only bystander to notify the police. Likewise, no feminists or any other liberal movement has come to the victim’s aid. This is damning for their cause and only showcases their complicity with migrant rape, especially since they often strongly defend asylum seeking criminals when they feel they have fallen victim to Sweden’s justice system.

Thanks to decades of liberal policies, Sweden is considered the “rape capital of the West” because of its disproportionate sexual assault statistics. More than 3-quarters of all rapes are committed by Muslim men, and studies suggest that 1 in 4 Swedish women will be raped.

Sadly, Sweden is likely a lost cause, as are several other Western countries that have employed such liberal policies. Unfortunately, she serves as a harbinger of what’s to come if the West doesn’t stop the Islamization taking place in their education system, justice system, government, and streets.

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