‘Fact Checker’ LIES About Trump’s Latest Claim, But Here Are The Facts

Donald Trump’s statements are always being fact checked, but now, one famous fact checker is in the hot seat. Politifact said Trump lied on an issue that is extremely important — crime in America. US Citizens want to know the facts about criminal activity in our country, and you’ll be shocked at the lies being told, all in an effort to make Trump look bad and the Democrats in charge look good.

Politifact’s “pants on fire” icon (left) Donald Trump (right)

Politifact is a fact-checking organization that has won the Pulitzer prize, but now they are learning the hard way that it is best not to lie because someone could fact check you. After Donald Trump made the statement that “crime is rising,” they took on the task of seeing if his statement was true.

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They said his comment was not true and gave him the worst rating of “pants on fire” over his statement. Now, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) has come out with the truth, calling out Politifact as the liars with pants on fire. From the AEI website:

But there is a big problem with their conclusion: Politifact just stopped looking at data in 2014. They cite the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) database, which to date has only published final figures through 2014. Preliminary figures for 2015 are public but curiously the fact-checker doesn’t cite them — although the data were available in January 2016, well before the post was published.

The FBI’s preliminary 2015 figures actually do show crime rising in most categories across the country between 2014 and 2015. Violent crime (i.e. murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault) is up. For example, the murder rate rose 6.2% in 2015, while rape rose 9.6%.

So, we can speculate why Politifact chose to ignore the most recent data. Obviously, they are backed by liberals who hate Trump and want to ensure he is not elected as our next president, but there’s another shocking tidbit. There’s a secondary reason they chose to exclude anything after 2014.

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In 2014, we saw the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown blamed on so-called racist cops. From those deaths arose Black Lives Matter and crime rates went up. Cops across the board got the message that doing their job was a thankless endeavor and tying the crime rate to the rise in the Black Lives Matter movement, which President Barry Obama loves, left officers’ morale extremely low.

“The media bought it [the Black Lives Matter movement] , over-educated elites bought it, and of course politicians bought it, from local rabble-rousers right up to the Rabble-Rouser in Chief. All of them engaged in a shameful campaign of disinformation intended to distract from the genuine problem of black crime. And as a result, more black lives have been and will continue to be lost before this trend is reversed.” [via PJ Media]

The American people must spread the truth so this campaign of lies does not win. Crime is rising in America, and terrorism around the world is exploding. We must take back this country before its too late, and the first step is getting rid of the Democratic “leadership” and policies that are destroying it from within.

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