Fake Cop Tries to Harass Family, But Mom Does Something Incredible With a Taco

A gun-toting fake cop tried to harass a family in California. Things were looking bad, until “momma bear” had a brilliant idea.

Juan Rodriguez pretended to be a fake cop in order to harass a family. (Photo Credit: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department/Facebook)

Here’s a story that proves quick-thinking, along with some motherly instincts, can overcome a dangerous situation. We know that we live in a dangerous world. Even in the United States, criminals are everywhere, ready to pounce on unsuspecting victims.

This is particularly true in the city of Los Angeles. The overpopulated region is home to countless crooks, gunmen, and would-be killers. These scum of the earth target innocent families, hoping to take advantage of their fear and naivety.

That’s what one criminal tried to do recently when he approached a family at a food truck. The family had just spent the day at a local water park. They wanted to end their fun day out with a quick treat. Every family in America should be able to enjoy a day of recreation without fear of attack. Unfortunately, Juan Rodriguez did not feel that way.

This man approached the family as they were returning to their car. Showing a gun in his waistband and flashing a badge, he claimed to be an undercover cop. The problem was that he was not acting like an undercover cop. It quickly became obvious that this man meant no good for this family. He started to harass them — his intentions were uncertain.

It seemed like he wanted to at least rob them. But with four children — including a baby in the car seat — he was ready to do something truly terrible.

That’s when the mother had an idea. Defying the criminal’s expectations, she offered him a taco. Using her wits, she was able to carry out a plan that ensured Rodriguez would be put away for good.

A California woman was praised for her “momma bear instincts” after she distracted a gun-toting fake cop who was terrorizing her husband and four children on Sunday by simply offering him a taco, police said.

The family was enjoying carne asada tacos and soda from a food truck in the City of Industry in Los Angeles County around 6:30 p.m. when a “dangerous stranger” approached the family and began terrorizing them, police said in a news release Monday. The family had stopped to get food after a day at the waterpark.

The man, identified as Juan Rodriguez, allegedly claimed to be an undercover cop and flashed his gun concealed on his waistband and flashed a badge in an attempt to prove his identity, police said…

The mother, going for the “taco tactic,” offered the 38-year-old suspect a taco and told him she needed to grab napkins from the food truck.

“The man with the gun continued to flash his gun and ransack through the mother’s purse as she walked away,” the news release stated.

The mother approached customers at the taco truck, told them not too look back and told them a man with a gun was threatening her family. The taco truck employees and customers immediately called 911. [Source: Fox News]

When cops arrived, the man got desperate. Throwing his gun into the family’s van, he tried to jump in. His plan, it seemed, was to drive off with whatever hostages he could nab. Thankfully, police deputies put a stop to that. They quickly apprehended Rodriguez and recovered his gun. They then made sure the family was unharmed.

It turns out, big surprise, that this man already had outstanding warrants. Add to that child endangerment and impersonating an officer. It might not be surprising to think that a hardened criminal would pose as a cop to exploit a family. Criminals will do anything to take advantage of a victim.

Things might have worked out differently if the family had been armed themselves. But we might be able to forgive them this one time; they were, after all, coming home from a water park.

Nobody expects to be robbed by a scumbag. But at least the mom’s quick thinking averted disaster. There is no telling what the man was prepared to do. A tragic scene was prevented because she acted quickly on her feet.

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