BIZARRE: See The Fake News Site Letting Liberals Live In Alternate Reality

For those who still just can’t accept or comprehend that Donald Trump is, in fact, their president, a new website has been set up. On the bizarre site, an alternative reality has been created, one in which all of the news reported is fake, and liberals can bask in the false glow of more than just a  Hillary Clinton presidency. If you didn’t think liberalism was a mental disorder, this may change your mind.

This make-believe world was created specifically for liberals who continually reject reality, and the headlines of the fake articles are absurd. “Approval ratings for President Clinton hit 89 percent,” “Confused by fake news, Redditors think Trump is president,” and “DOJ considers charging Trump with treason” are just a few headlines featured on, the satirical news site devoted to covering stories from an alternate universe where Hillary Clinton won last November’s election.

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If you need a good break from reality, and a large dose of laughter, will deliver. Unfortunately, it becomes less humorous when you realize the level of denial some liberals have sunk to.

A screenshot of the home screen of

The website does attempt to explain its ridiculous existence. The site’s description actually reads, “In the midst of a Constitutional crisis, this is our response. Long live the true president, Hillary Rodham Clinton.” The website’s fantasy writers and creators don’t identify themselves online, and they have so far declined to comment. However, the alternate reality created by liberals for the purpose of dealing with things that they don’t like may have taken a dangerous turn.

Although this website is humorous, liberals haven’t been known for their mental stability in the past several years. This website will likely contribute to the already mentally inept left and make it difficult for them to separate fantasy from reality.

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The website is so pitiful that it singles out Republican lawmakers, such as Ted Cruz and identifies him as a murderer. “On Monday, Senator Ted Cruz went on Ellen to confess that he, of course, killed Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster in 1993,” reads one recent article, which refers to Cruz as “the Republican front-runner to take on President Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2020.”

The entire satirical site can be summed up in one word: Pathetic. Although, sad and disturbed also come to mind. Liberals can create whatever form of false news they want, but that will never make it real, and the sooner this is realized by the left, the sooner we can unite as Americans and actually fix the problems that plague the nation.

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