Fake News is Terrified of Elon Musk’s New Idea, But Americans Are Behind Him

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Billionaire Tesla founder Elon Musk proposed a new idea to keep news honest. As you can imagine, liberal journalists are freaking out. Despite attacks against the industrialist, Americans are rallying behind him.

Elon Musk’s new innovative idea might be the end of fake news. (Photo Credit: Heisenberg Media/Flickr)

In this day and age, American journalism is all but a joke. Mainstream news outlets have given up pretending to be unbiased in their news coverage. Their secret agenda — to spread liberal propaganda — is no longer a secret. Major networks openly spread dishonest stories simply to push their politics.

That’s especially true in the Age of Trump. Liberals cannot stand how successful President Donald Trump continues to be. So, they rely on their fake news to discredit the man at every turn. Honest people, however, are disgusted by how unprofessional, disgraceful, and incompetent the media has become.

That includes billionaire businessman Elon Musk. The widely-celebrated entrepreneur is a frequent critic of the mainstream media, for good reason. As a trailblazing investor and businessman, he’s often been attacked and mischaracterized by the media. Their bias and agenda have even hurt him.

So, it comes as no surprise that he recently threw out a new idea to keep the media accountable. It’s also no surprise how the media reacted.

As Twitchy reported Wednesday, SpaceX founder and Tesla co-founder Elon Musk went on a tear against the media, railing against their “holier-than-thou hypocrisy.”

Musk even went so far as to suggest starting a website that the public could use to rate journalists and took a Twitter poll that backed him up significantly. A whopping 88 percent said the media credibility rating site (which Musk jokingly said would be called “Pravda”) would be a good idea. [Source: Twitchy]

A man with the resources like Musk can certainly create a service like this. It will give the people back the power. Journalists — and their cronies in social media — will no longer be able to force their narrative onto us. We can easily voice our problems with the media, exposing them once and for all for their dishonesty.

Imagine how powerful a website like this could be. It’s a Yelp for news. Readers can easily rate a news site over its accuracy and credibility. Fake News like Buzzfeed, CNN, the New York Times and more will be in big trouble. They will either have to make serious changes or suffer decline. What’s even better is that Musk wants to call it “Pravda,” a term that is deliberately trolling leftists.

Naturally, journalists panicked over Musk’s idea. The notion that the people will have the power to rate scum bag journalist? Well, that’s their worst nightmare. They more than anyone else know how much we hate them. If we have an outlet to express our disgust, the media would wither and die. So, as they always do, “news” people went after Musk.

Musk’s calling out of journalists inspired The New York Times’ “conservative” columnist, Bret Stephens, to accuse Musk of threatening to create a “Soviet-style apparatus” to keep tabs on the media. [Source: Twitchy]

Absolute fiction. We know why Stephens wrote this. He, like the rest of the rats in his industry, are shaking in their boots over Musk. They already lose sleep over what Trump says about the media. If another powerful, influential businessman takes aim at them, it’s all over. Musk wants to create a site the gives the people influence over the media. That’s something the media cannot allow. They’ve always enjoyed the dark power they’ve wielded over the public. For those roles to shift, they’ll actually have to start reporting the news.

But guess what? The people are behind Musk by an overwhelming majority.

To date, this poll has over 600,000 votes. A whopping 88% want Musk to make his credibility site. Once the poll hit Twitter, journalists when into overdrive. They started attacking Musk, trying to send readers to his profile to vote against his idea. Guess what happened?

That’s right. Support for Musk’s idea surged after the media tried to stop him. What does that tell you? People really, reeeaaally, hate the mainstream media. We are so sick of their lies and slander. Not a huge surprise that, despite over 90% of Trump’s coverage being negative, his approval rating continues to rise. Americans are not buying what the fake news is selling.

Perhaps Musk’s site will become a reality. If so, we could see fake news die a fast, and all-too worthy, death.