‘Fake News’ Said Trump Couldn’t Do It, But He Just Achieved The Impossible

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President Donald Trump is reaching the end of his first year in office. Get ready for the many articles that will try to downplay his impact. Liberals will write long rants about what a terrible year 2017 was, but we know the facts. Trump continues to make America great again with one victory after another. Now, a new report has come out proving that even though “fake news” said he wouldn’t, Trump virtually achieved the impossible.

Latest report confirms how President Trump is making America great again. (Photo Credit: DHS/Flickr/Senator Chris Coons/Flickr)

Liberals are driven by emotion. That’s not a good way to craft politics and policy. They will complain about Trump because he’s a big meany. He says the things that people don’t like to hear (but need to hear). They will call him all sorts of names, based on nothing but their hurt feelings (though they don’t care about his feelings). They will call 2017 “One of the Worst Years for America” (mark my words, they are writing those articles now as we speak).

However, 2017 was perhaps one of the most significant years in our history. For the good. The presidency of Donald Trump will forever alter American politics, economy, and culture. He has restored our strength locally and internationally. All we have to do is look at the facts.

A new report has come out that shows US unemployment dropped once again. Fewer people are looking for help from the government. That’s because more and more people are finding work.

Tired of winning yet? I didn’t think so.

Fewer people sought US unemployment benefits last week, a sign of strength in the job market.

THE NUMBERS: Weekly applications for unemployment aid slipped 2,000 to a seasonally adjusted 238,000, the Labor Department said Thursday. That’s near a four-decade low that was reached last month. The four-week average, a less volatile measure, increased 2,250 to 242,250.

The number of people receiving aid increased 42,000 to 1.96 million, also near a four-decade low.

KEY DRIVERS: The data comes after other evidence that the economic recovery from the Great Recession remains strong in its eighth year. The unemployment rate has fallen to a 17-year low of 4.1 percent and growth reached 3.3 percent at an annual rate in the July-September quarter, the fastest in three years. [Source: Breitbart]

What’s really significant about the numbers we are seeing is that the economy grew, despite serious natural disasters. The United States was hit by three major hurricanes this fall. Yet, they didn’t seem to make a huge impact in the pace of our economy. It’s almost as if we can’t stop, and Trump is achieving the impossible.

Hiring has been steady, despite interruptions from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Employers added 261,000 jobs in October, a healthy gain after hiring fell in September because of the storms. [Source: Breitbart]

One major hurricane is enough to make a country stumble. The fallout from damaged homes and businesses, coupled with insurance loses, can have long-term impacts. Yet after Harvey, Irma, and Maria, America continues to chug along.

THE TAKEAWAY: Applications are a proxy for layoffs. Any figure below 300,000 indicates that hiring is likely healthy, and employers are confident enough in future demand to keep their workers.

With unemployment so low, many companies say they are struggling to find qualified workers to fill jobs. With so few workers available, companies are even less likely to lay off employees. [Source: Breitbart]

We all should have listened to Mike Rowe. Companies are looking for people to hire. They can’t give jobs away! When was the last time you heard that, ever!?

The left will point to tweets as an indicator that Trump is a failure. Because he said something that ruffled their feathers, that makes him an enemy. But, facts don’t lie. Numbers don’t lie. Trump and his massive influence on our economy is making a difference. The stock market is surging. Consumer confidence is high. Companies are bringing jobs back to the country. And, unemployment is down.

Those are factors that America is becoming great again. Just imagine how bad it would be right now, had that other person won. I shudder to think! Be sure to share these amazing facts with your friends. The age of emotion has come to an end! Let’s stick to the truth.