Patriots Disprove Fake Story From NY Times With Trump/Obama Comparison Pics

Patriots Disprove Fake Story From NY Times With Trump/Obama Comparison Pics
Pictured: 2015 Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots (left), 2017 Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots (right) (Photo credit: AP, NYT)

It is rare to see a team from the National Football League call a mainstream media organization “liar,” but that is precisely what the New England Patriots have done regarding a recent fake story from the New York Times. Pictures simply do not lie.

As Medium reports, the New York Times is owned by Mexican immigration activist Carlos Slim and the liberal paper recently lied in a story regarding the Patriots’ visit to the White House to meet with President Donald Trump.

In a rare, bold statement, the Patriots refuted the story, as reported by The Gateway Pundit:

The Super Bowl Champions also tweeted this:

As if those photos did not offer enough proof, the Patriots continued to fact check the liberal newspaper:

Journalist Mike Cernovich described the dishonest reporting by calling it, “Fake news, a play in three acts.” He also compiled the photos into one neat package. No one at the NYT can deny the falsehoods below.

The fallout from this biased, dishonest reporting continues for the NYT, as outlets like USA Today are exposing their false story.

Remember all the pictures floating Inauguration Day? The ones comparing the crowd sizes between Donald Trump’s Inauguration and Barack Obama’s? Well, a similar situation cropped up on Wednesday during New England’s trip to the White House.

As you can see, that tweet went viral to the tune of more than 42,000 retweets at the time of writing, but it’s a misleading one, according to the New England Patriots. The picture above didn’t include any of the coaching staff, who were seated on the South Lawn.

Well-established, mainstream media outlets have gotten used to running stories that convey whatever narrative they prefer, regardless of the truth. If there is one thing that the presidential election of 2016 taught us, it is the power of social media, especially Twitter.

Remember the tweeted video of Hillary Clinton having a medical breakdown at the 9/11 Memorial? That one message changed the landscape of the entire election. Antiquated liberal outlets like the NYT can continue to push narratives, but those involved, like the New England Patriots, now have a microphone to push back. Nice try, New York Times. Perhaps next year you should simply report the truth.

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