Family Kept Hearing Footsteps Upstairs, Make Sickening Find When Door Opens

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In Hartford, Connecticut, a family kept hearing footsteps in the space above them, where nobody was supposed to be. When water began leaking down after days of hearing surprising pitter-patter, the neighbor went to investigate. That’s when they walked into a sickening scene and cops came running.

Hartford, Connecticut house. Ignacio Castro (inset left), Hendyliz Marrero (inset right)

The neighbors described the steps as sounding like a small child’s, but they never heard anyone else walking around, other than what they assumed was a lone toddler. After time went on and nothing changed, Candace Wilkins grew concerned about what was happening in the apartment above her. When a leak started coming into her home from the other apartment, the neighbor wanted to find out what was coming down the walls of her home.

According to Fox 61, Wilkins went to the door and was shocked when a 2-year-old little girl answered, but not as much as when she looked over the girl’s shoulder and saw a nightmare of a scene. She urgently called police when the child told her that nobody else was home. The girl looked filthy, and it had been some time since an adult had attended to her.

When officers got to the home, they spoke with a neighbor who lived on the first floor who said she was alerted by her own children that water was leaking into their apartment from the ceiling. Police checked on her neighbors and found a 2-year-old left home alone in deplorable conditions in a second-floor apartment. There were two small dogs inside and the apartment was covered with feces and urine.

Officers arrived at the apartment to one of the worst sights of squalor the state has seen. The toddler had been rolling around in her own filth, as well as the waste from two dogs she was left there alone with. Wilkins described that everywhere the eye could see was “covered” in human and animal urine and feces, along with razor blades and a plethora of scattered extension chords. A window had also been left open and a faucet was turned on, which had caused the leak into the apartment below, WFSB reported.

The toddler’s parents, 24-year-old Hendyliz Marrero and 28-year-old Ignacio Castro, were eventually tracked down and taken into custody after the girl was transported to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center for evaluation and placed in the state’s custody. They had simply left her alone for hours, so they could go about their day, doing whatever it is these two degenerates thought was more important than the safety of their child.

Both have been charged with risk of injury to a minor and have been given $100,000 bail. Wilkins is relieved that the little girl was found before it was too late, as officers who came to the scene described the conditions as “darn near nonsurvivable.”

These two “parents,” in title only, should also be hit with neglect and abuse. They should never be given the option to earn their child back. It’s a miracle that she made it out of this alive, all thanks to someone who paid a little attention and decided to look into it. Wilkins could have been like too many others who don’t get involved in “other people’s business,” which is a dangerous mindset when you never know who needs your life-saving help.