After Watching Family Pray Aloud At Disney World, Crazed Hefty Leftist Attacks Them

Christine Sydelko has a large following on social media, and she is a rabid hater of President Donald Trump. It seems she makes her living via social media, saying and doing some of the vilest disturbing things possible, and that’s what happened when she took a trip to Disney World. After sitting next to a family who was praying before a meal at the theme park, the crazed hefty leftist attacked them.

Family at Disneyland for representational purposes only (left), Social media influencer Christine Sydelko (right) (Photo Credit: Catholic Family/Twitter, Christine Sydelko/Twitter)

This disgusting activist Christine Sydelko is an example of who is promoted on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. While conservative voices like Diamond and Silk are deemed “unsafe” per Facebook’s community guidelines, this nutjob Sydelko gets maximum exposure on Twitter, thanks to the leftists who run social media’s biggest platforms.

You’ve probably never heard of this idiot, but her followers identify with the hate she spews. Twitchy reported, “Christine Sydelko is a professional ‘influencer’ or something. We’re not entirely sure, to be honest, but she’s got a blue checkmark which automatically means she’s important. And today, she’s using her influence to shine a spotlight on something truly offensive.”

“I’m at Disney World and this family just said grace before eating their churros,” tweeted Sydelko to her 917,000 followers on Twitter.

As you can see there are over 186,000 likes and 17,200 people “talking about this.” Twitchy added, “She can’t even, you guys. Imagine witnessing something like that out in the open, with no safe space to run to.” Sydelko’s point was to demean Christians, I’m sure if this family was wearing Muslim garb she would not have dared tweet a word.

To give you an idea of how sick she truly is, all we have to do is expose what Sydelko and her former partner, a gay guy named Elijah Daniel, were doing at a Trump rally. Huff Post reported, “Elijah Daniel, best known for penning Donald-themed gay sex novel ‘Trump Temptation: The Billionaire And The Bellboy’, shared a photo on his Twitter from directly in front of the podium at 5:35pm GMT, but by 8pm a friend had taken control of his account to update his followers.”

They add, “‘[T]his is @csydelko I think the secret service just arrested elijah,’ fellow comic Christine Sydelko ‏wrote from Daniel’s account.” Apparently, Daniel and Sydelko were armed with a two-foot glittery dildo that they tried to throw at Trump. Thankfully, the Secret Service stopped the disgusting duo.

Christine Sydelko & Elijah Daniel at Trump rally (Photo Credit: Christine Sydelko/Twitter)

These are the types of people who Facebook and Twitter just love, but Diamond and Silk, like most conservative voices, have been squashed and censored. It’s crazy that this Christine Sydelko is given a blue check mark by Twitter. What is her claim to fame?

Meanwhile, people started to react to her making fun of the praying family. After another conservative site brought attention to Sydelko, she posted this tweet mocking them, “[F]inally white conservative women are talking about the real issues.”

USMCIrish tweeted, “The horror. Do you need a #SafeSpace?” This set off many of Sydelko’s followers. The hefty social media “influencer” said, “I was just making an observation,” which we all know is not what she was doing.

Even one of her loyal followers found it wrong. Quinn tweeted, “they were secretly praying for your health…. nah just playin. Love u christine but judging people for being religious is lame.”

What’s really lame is the blatant bias that causes someone like Christine to become a social media superstar. She is found to be neither offensive or “unsafe,” but anyone who called out David Hogg on Twitter, by just disagreeing with him, was banned from Twitter.

I know, it happened to me. I used no foul language, I simply told him his tactics were wrong and he was hypocritical when it came to Laura Ingraham. I got banned from Twitter for 12 hours. Of course, my profile says I am a conservative, so the Twitter bosses decided I was fair game.

Christine Sydelko’s post about the praying family was tame for her account. Clearly, we showed you the type of humor she finds funny, attacking Trump with a sex toy. That isn’t banned. It’s applauded by the social media giants, and this disgraceful human being Christine Sydelko is their creation.

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