Far Left Group Under Scrutiny After Social Media Post Of UNBELIEVABLE Sign

A far left socialistic group has recently come under the scrutiny of Facebook users for a post which pictured a woman holding a sign that is so unbelievable and offensive, many thought it was fake. Sadly, not only is it not fake, the sign stands for everything this sick group of people believe and want to achieve.

The German group is described as “anti-nationalistic,” and it calls for the genocide of its own people. Numbering in the thousands, the group touts the slogan “Still loving Volkstod.” Volkstod is a German word which means “death of the ethnic folk.” They call for the rape of their own women.

Known as Internationalsozialistiche Antifa or Antifa for shortit is defined as “militant left-wing individuals and groups who actively oppose fascism and fascists.” Behind the sick slogans and violent demonstrations, they call for the genocide of their own German people. The Antifa movement in Germany recently posted on their Facebook page the following photo:


Rote Antifa posted a picture of young feminist on Thursday, holding a sign that stated she preferred rapists from Syria and North Africa over nationalists in Germany who have demanded Chancellor Angela Merkel stop taking in more refugees. — via Red Alert Politics

Translated, the caption reads, “Prefer sexually active fugitive (rapists) over German racists.”

The word “rapists” is intentional, as Anti-fa also calls for rape. Below is another propaganda poster from Antifa. The translation of the upper portion reads, “For more forced-rape of ethnic Germans!” while the bottom translates, “For the destruction of pure-German geno-types!”


Unfortunately, the Antifa movement is nothing new. It’s history and ideology come from Communism and Marxism. It calls for destruction of capitalism, and in a strange twist, they align themselves with Islamist fanatics. Which maybe not so strange, considering Western progressives also align themselves with Islam, as we see with Barack Obama and his regime. Feminists do not call out Islam for its subhuman treatment of women, either.

How this group’s Facebook page is still allowed is a mystery. Calling for rape and genocide, the Antifa continue to post with no problem, even though such posts are a violation of the social media giant’s community standards.

Worse, Antifa is not isolated to Germany. This is a communistic militant faction found throughout Europe and Russia. If that isn’t enough to disturb you, there is a Antifa-USA page on Facebook as well.

The offensive photo held by the feminist seems so crazy, until one considers other ideologies and movements which swayed millions to commit or tolerate mass murders. Multiculturalism is the new buzz word, and anyone attempting to keep their national identity intact is a racist.

Wanting to keep American values and traditions is akin to Nazism in the eyes of Antifa. Any pride of nation is wrong, as Antifa twists it, pointing to Hitler as the end point of such sentiment. Here is another post from Antifa’s page. Translated the message next to this picture reads, “She’s right! Patriotism is not a feeling, it’s a CRIME!”


Sick minds, brainwashed by off-shoots of communistic ideologies all have the same goal: Destruction of Western civilization and ideals, in essence, to take away our freedoms. In that, the far left’s alliance with Islamic fanatics becomes better understood — their end goals are the same. Unfortunately, the leftists don’t realize the Islamists include them in the goal of destruction.

Antifa is the muscle, the militant wing behind these ideals. As Americans, we must stay vigilant and educate those who will lend us an ear. This is why socialism is not an option, and returning to our Constitution and American values is vital for our survival.

[h/t Allen B. West]

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