Fed-Up Farmer Has Blunt Message Hidden In Plain Sight For Anti-Trump Libs

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Fed-Up Farmer Has Blunt Message For Anti-Trump Libs Hidden In Plain Sight
Doug Koehn (left), part of the hidden message for libs (right)

A fed-up farmer from Denver, Colorado has recently announced his frustration with our country’s current political environment. In fact, he went as far as placing a bold message for the anti-Trump whiners to see on his farm, hiding it in plain sight, and once you see it, you won’t be able to stop yourself from cheering him on.

Doug Koehn, a farmer and proud trump supporter, is fed-up with the negativity from the left regarding our Commander-in-Chief, Donald Trump. In fact, he went farther than the average American and decided to use his farm to display a bold message, aimed at anti-Trump liberals.

Fed-Up Farmer Has Blunt Message For Anti-Trump Libs Hidden In Plain Sight
The political message carved in his field (Source: 9 News)

Koehn hopped on his plow and decided to make Colorado’s largest political sign in his field. “The letters are 800 feet wide and approximately 800 feet long,” Koehn said, according to 9 News. Stretching a mile-long, he carved out, in big block letters, the word “TRUMP.”

Although it can’t clearly be read from ground level, if it’s viewed from the air, you can’t miss it. What’s even more remarkable is that Koehn doesn’t have the high-tech equipment most farmers use to precisely plow a field. Instead, he used his old tractor and designed it completely by hand. “I have an old tractor, it don’t do that,” Koehn said. “My son come out and stepped it off and I just drove the tractor to wherever he was standing.”

Fed-Up Farmer Has Blunt Message For Anti-Trump Libs Hidden In Plain Sight
Koehn’s “TRUMP” field (Source: 9 News)

After voting for the first time in last year’s election, Koehn admits he’s embarrassed that Colorado voted for Hillary Clinton. He knew he needed to speak up for the rest of the people in his state who are strong Donald Trump supporters. After taking nearly two hours to make, Koehn says he’s leaving it up until he plows his fields in the spring.

Although anti-Trump whiners have been ridiculously vocal about their hate towards our current president and wish the worst for him, President Trump clearly has a large following of proud supporters. Obviously, we’ve never seen any liberals getting off their butts to build anything in support of Hillary, much less an awesome political sign of this magnitude.

Clearly, we know who the hard-working Americans are voted for, while the entitled crowd continues to throw their hissy-fit. It’s time for them to accept the fact that Trump is our nation’s president and deserves their respect for the next four to eight years.