Father Beats 6-Year-Old Son Into Coma For Failing To Complete One Simple Task

A father has been arrested after beating his son so brutally with a metal pipe that he fell into a coma. However, police were even more disturbed when they discovered that the beating was the result of the boy’s failure to finish one simple task.

A young boy was beaten into a coma by his father for failing to complete a simple task. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via Mirror)

All cultures have unique nuances that we can appreciate, respect, and even adopt into our own. In fact, this sharing of cultural norms has taken place in every civilization since the dawn of time, propelling us to the progress we’ve reached today. However, there are certain cultures that harbor such barbaric practices that they should never be honored, much less appropriated.

Thanks to the prophet Muhammad’s teachings in a passage from the hadith, Islam allows for fathers to physically abuse their young children. Of course, this command compels parents to “beat” their children in order to get them to pray, however, the warranting of such brutality easily bleeds over into other areas of behavior.

Putting this Islamic compulsion into practice, a father was arrested for beating his son unconscious after the young boy failed to complete part of his daily routine. According to Mirror, Mehmet Ali Y. used the metal extender from a vacuum cleaner to beat his 6-year-old son Mertcan Y. so severely that he suffered life-threatening injuries and ultimately fell into a coma — and it was all because the little boy didn’t do his homework.

Six-year-old Mertcan Y. sustained serious injuries to his face and head before falling into a coma from which he would never awaken. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via Mirror)

Mertcan was rushed by ambulance to a hospital in Iskenderun, Turkey, after neighbors found the boy lying unconscious and notified emergency medical responders. The child was placed in intensive care with serious injuries to his head and face, including a brain injury that landed him in a coma.

Tragically, after several days on life support, Mertcan passed away in the hospital, never recovering from the coma induced by his abusive father. The child’s funeral was attended by many relatives, neighbors, and locals who had heard about his horrific end.

While still grieving the loss of her young son, Mertcan’s mother explained in a video that her ex-husband Mehmet has been reported numerous times to the police for the abuse of their son only to be “released every time.” She claims that he is a drug addict and that his abusive behavior is the reason she divorced him.

She said: “I came to the hospital as soon as I heard what happened. When I saw my son he was covered with bruises. [His father] had beaten him with the metal wand of the vacuum cleaner because he hadn’t done his homework.”

After her son’s death, Mertcan’s mother explained that her ex-husband has a history of being reported to the police only to go free. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

After hearing about the incident, the child’s older brother arrived at the scene and began beating their father for injuring Mertcan. He pleaded with the state government to offer his family members psychological support, as he fears that the trauma could be dangerous to their mental health.

Young Mertcan was placed in the ground, concealed in a bright turquoise-colored coffin. His burial was attended by hundreds of mourners lamenting the tragedy and calling for justice for Mehmet once and for all.

Although not every adherent of Islam inflicts such brutality on their children, the teachings of the prophet Muhammad have set a precedent for over one billions of his followers to meet. While the world is increasingly grateful that the majority of these followers do not carry out these violent compulsions, the truth still stands that Islam encourages and requires it nonetheless.

Hopefully, the family of 6-year-old Mertcan will receive the justice they deserve before his killer seriously injures or takes the life of another innocent human being.

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