Father Tries to Get Homeless to Leave Neighborhood, Learns a Terrible Lesson

An Oregon neighborhood was becoming more and more overrun with homeless people. Fearing for his community, a father tried to encourage the squatters to move on. His act of standing up for his home took a bad turn when he confronted one man.

A father tried to get the homeless to leave his neighborhood. (Photo Credit: LaTease Rikard/Flickr, Portland Police Bureau)

The West Coast is in big trouble. From California to Washington, homelessness is on the rise. Thanks to legalized drug use, a poor economy, and terrible leadership, many once-safe communities are flooded with homeless people.

We’re not talking about a few tramps begging for coins. These are full blown shanty towns, complete with shacks or tents. These homeless find a nice spot — usually a residential community — and stay there. They get by on the contributions from well-meaning, yet stupid, residents. But these aren’t friendly, down-on-their-luck homeless folk. These are drug addicts, alcoholics, and the mentally ill. People who should be getting serious help are living on the streets.

And the democratic leaders of these states do nothing that helps.

One father was fed up. He was tired of seeing his community become overrun with homeless. What about his family? What about the many children who walk to and from school every day? How can they keep their city safe, when so many shifty, dangerous strangers are living on the streets?

He decided to take matters into his own hands. The father went around to the homeless, asking them to move on. He had every right to. A hard-working man, who takes care of his home and family, should not have to suffer from people who refuse to do the same.

There was only one problem. Most of these homeless people refused to leave. If they can find a place where the residents are dumb enough to give them money, they’re not going anywhere. In fact, thanks to toxic, liberal policies, they get a sense of entitlement. They think they deserve the money and land they take from others.

So when this father approached one of the men, telling him to leave, the homeless man’s response wasn’t too friendly. Pretending to take out a phone, the homeless man drew a knife. He stabbed the father seventeen times. Now, his daughter is trying to raise money for his medical bills.

Kasey Lebechuck was hospitalized after being “brutally stabbed” in Portland, his daughter, Kayla McNeel, wrote on a GoFundMe page aimed at raising money for her father’s medical bills.

McNeel told Fox 12 that Lebechuck’s “lucky to be alive” after he was stabbed in the “lungs, eyes, his stomach, his back, his head.”

Todd Schneider, 25, was identified as the suspect in Lebechuck’s stabbing, but the Portland Police Bureau didn’t confirm the details of the reported assault.

Neighbors said that Lebechuck had been telling homeless people in recent weeks that they couldn’t stay in the area, where they had reportedly been living in tents for years.

“He just always stays on top of it because he doesn’t want them taking over his neighborhood,” McNeel told Fox 12 of her father.

Lebechuck reportedly approached Schneider when the suspect said he had to grab a phone from his backpack, but instead pulled out a knife.

“It truly is a miracle [Lebechuck] survived this attack,” McNeel wrote online. “My dad is a hard working man who was trying to protect his neighborhood.” [Source: Fox News]

Kasey Lebechuck was stabbed 17 times after asking a homeless man to leave. (Photo Credit: GoFundMe)

This is liberal America in 2018. The homeless situation is so bad on the West Coast because Democrats do nothing to help the situation. It’s their terrible policies that drive the crisis. High taxes, bloated government handouts, and legalized drugs create a perfect storm. Many lives are driven to poverty, dependency, and homelessness.

Then, the left does nothing to help. Their only solutions create more dependency on government and greater tax burdens. Meanwhile, sick people take to the streets, convinced they will be taken care of by strangers’ handouts. It leads to a dangerous situation where homeless have more rights than hard-working Americans.

In a sense, that’s exactly what Democrats want. They need the public to be weak, defenseless, and unable to care for themselves. The more people who rely on government support, the more power liberals can accrue. They’d be happy if 75% of the population was homeless. Why not? That’s more people who need government assistance, after all!

Think of the injustice of this situation. Lebechuck only wanted his community safe from these strangers. All he did was ask them to move on. Yet this sick, deranged lunatic felt he was in the right to stab this father.

It’s a reminder of what happens when liberal policies run amuck. The only question is, how much worse is it going to get before people start demanding positive change?