BOOM! FBI Nails Prominent Female Democrat For Money Laundering, There’s Just 1 Problem

A breaking report is rocking the political world as the FBI successfully conducted a sting operation to nail a prominent female Democrat. Many are saying the Bureau deserves a pat on the back, but there’s just one huge problem.

Screenshot of FBI agents (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screen H)

According to the New York Post, Joy Cooper was arrested on Thursday, January 25, 2018. Cooper has served as the Mayor of Hallandale Beach, Florida since 2005 but ended up in hot water after FBI agents went undercover to expose her as a money-grubbing opportunist. Cooper was taken into custody on Thursday when she surrendered herself at the Broward County Jail.

The Democrat Mayor is being charged with three felonies which include money laundering, official misconduct, and exceeding campaign contribution limits. Cooper is also being charged with the misdemeanor soliciting contributions in a government building, according to CBS Miami.

According to the Broward State Attorney’s Office, Cooper’s arrest comes after a 5-year investigation, which kicked off with an FBI undercover sting operation in 2012. A source familiar with the case says that Cooper allegedly met with undercover agents posing as wealthy land developers who wanted to bring a business project to the city.

It was during those meetings that Cooper allegedly solicited campaign contributions that exceeded legal limits for herself and others, then falsified reports about those contributions. This mayor sounds like she would get along great with Hillary Clinton.

Cooper’s attorney, Larry Davis, alleges she “dindunuffin,” of course. “She never accepted any money or anything that went into her pocket,” Davis told reporters. “She never accepted a campaign contribution for any quid pro quo for any developer, anyone in her 20 years of public life,” he added.

Davis told reporters that the man to blame for Cooper’s legal dilemma is a former attorney and lobbyist named Alan Koslow, who pleaded guilty in 2016 to federal charges of money laundering. According to Davis, Koslow made false accusations against Cooper that landed her in this mess. Davis said that Koslow’s money laundering conviction comes “from illegal gambling proceeds and from sales of narcotics and counterfeit Viagra.”

Koslow reportedly met the undercover FBI agents with Cooper in 2012 and probably agreed to tattle on her for a lesser sentence. “We’re very disappointed that the State Attorney’s Office would use someone like Alan Koslow, who’s a convicted felon, disbarred lawyer, disgraced lawyer to be the center point, centerpiece of their investigation,” Davis said. Nice move by Cooper’s attorney, but Cooper still looks as guilty as sin.

Michele Lazarow, another Hallandale city commissioner, said she was surprised by the news of Cooper’s arrest. “We were saddened and surprised to hear about this. It puts a dark cloud over our city and not the kind of press we were looking for,” she said.

It’s great that the FBI is actually using its manpower to conduct undercover operations, gather evidence, and arrest a corrupt politician. The only problem is quite obvious. Why is one hand of the FBI busy going after a corrupt female Democrat in Florida while the other hand tries to cover for a corrupt female Democrat in Washington, D.C.?

Hillary Clinton’s crimes dwarf Mayor Joy Cooper’s and the mountain of evidence to convict Clinton would take a small army of agents to process. It’s too bad the FBI’s leadership is too busy trying to cover up the Peter Strzok-Lisa Page scandal. Not only has the FBI, under former Director James Comey’s leadership, helped Clinton escape justice, but they have weaponized their agency to hurt President Donald Trump.

In recent weeks, numerous text messages between the two corrupt FBI agents have revealed that they hijacked justice on behalf of Hillary Clinton. Why do people like Joy Cooper get nailed for what looks like small potatoes compared to Hillary Clinton’s laundry list of criminal behavior? The FBI needs to be overhauled and until that happens, this problem will continue.

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