FBI Returns Phones To Vegas Eyewitnesses, Owners Immediately Notice What’s Missing

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It has now been nearly two weeks since 64-year-old gunman Stephen Craig Paddock opened fire at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, killing 59 concertgoers and injuring more than 500 others. Phones which were originally seized as evidence from eyewitnesses to the massacre have finally been returned to their owners, who were stunned when they noticed what was missing from their devices.

An FBI agent (left); People flee the Route 91 Harvest Festival grounds after an active shooter was reported on October 1, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada (right) (Photo Credit: FBI/Wiki Commons, David Becker/Getty Images News/Getty Images, Infowars/Facebook)

The more information which surfaces surrounding the deadliest mass shooting in US history, the more questions seem to be raised. At this point, the narrative is so muddied with conflicting accounts of what happened that many fear we will never know the whole truth. Was ISIS involved? Were there multiple gunmen? Did Paddock really commit suicide?

Citizens are understandably suspicious with regard to all of these things due to the way authorities have handled the aftermath of the massacre. Indeed, it seems that no one, from the Las Vegas Police Department to the feds to the staff at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, can get their story straight. Now, what the FBI has gone and done certainly won’t ease any of the public’s concerns.

Eyewitnesses to the massacre had their phones confiscated as evidence to a mass shooting, which is nothing out of the ordinary. However, when the owners of the devices got their phones back, some red flags were raised, because all of the media captured the night of the shooting had been wiped clean by federal authorities. No pictures. No videos. Nothing which might present a story contrary to what the government wants us to believe happened.

Workers at the Route 91 festival during which Stephen Paddock unleashed his massacre have reportedly been given back their phones and laptops by the FBI only to discover that all messages and videos from the night of the attack have been wiped clean. [Source: Infowars]

According to a Las Vegas resident who posted a status update on Facebook, “A bunch of people that worked the Route 91 said they got their cell phones back today. They all said that all their phones are completely wiped clean! All messages and info from that weekend are completely gone. Anyone else experience this?” The same woman later commented, “A few different people who were vendors there are all saying the same thing.”

A Las Vegas resident revealed on Facebook that eyewitnesses to the mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival had their phones and computers wiped clean by the FBI. (Photo Source: Infowars/Facebook)

In the same thread, a Route 91 worker confirmed the story, writing, “Of course. It’s an active federal crime scene. They can wipe it clean. I was the beverage manager for the entire event. My laptop is wiped clean,” according to Geller Report.

The beverage manager for the Route 91 Harvest Festival confirmed that the FBI had wiped clean the electronic devices of eyewitnesses to the mass shooting in Las Vegas. (Photo Credit: Infowars/Facebook)

Sure, they “can” wipe it clean, but why do so? Especially with the public already so suspicious of the story authorities are putting out? Unless they have something to hide. Unless they don’t want any of those pictures posted on social media because, perhaps, they happen to show a second gunman firing from within the crowd, as some eyewitnesses have reported seeing. Or, perhaps, they show something else which could be damaging to the narrative being fed to us.

The list of what those pictures and videos might contain is endless. The only thing we know for sure is that the government does not want us to see them. That in and of itself is enough to make anyone leery.

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