FBI Is STILL Protecting Hillary & Obama, Expected To Undermine Trump Today

Barack Obama (left), James Comey (left upper inset), Donald Trump (lower right inset), Hillary Clinton (right)

FBI Director James Comey is at it once again, desperately trying to cover for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s crimes. Comey is willing to completely undermine President Donald Trump to protect Obama and Hillary. Apparently, facts and evidence no longer matter to the FBI, which is now nothing more than a political mouthpiece designed to shield leftists from being held accountable for their crimes.

According to ABC, sources “familiar with Comey’s thinking” are suggesting that the FBI director will undercut President Trump’s claims that he was wiretapped by Obama in an effort to help Hillary win the presidency last year. Although there are mounds of evidence piling up, suggesting that “Obamagate” goes deeper than we all could even imagine, Comey’s friends say it’s still unlikely that he will back Donald Trump. This makes us all wonder how deep the blackmail allegations go and how far he’s willing to go to protect Hillary and Obama from their obvious crimes.

Today’s hearing is supposed to be about Russia’s alleged interference with last year’s election, not the wiretapping of Trump Tower. So, Comey’s insistence on speaking about the matter, if the sources are correct, is a little unnerving and brings up more questions than answers.

We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of exposing the scumbag Comey, who has protected Hillary and Obama for years, but it’s being pushed further aside so we can listen to leftists whine about Russian hacking without actually having any evidence of such. Democrats want the hearing to force Americans to buy the propaganda that they’ve all been spewing about Russia. Without any evidence, we are asked to trust the Democrats who colluded with the DNC and Hillary’s campaign to put the criminal Clinton in the White House last year.

There is still not a single shred of evidence that Russia worked within our cyber networks or hacked the election to help Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. WikiLeaks has already said the leaks came from someone within the DNC, who was pissed off that the Democrats chose Hillary Clinton over socialist breadline-lover Bernie Sanders. This whole hearing, set to take place Monday morning, is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, designed to make the weakest liberals happy. However, based on evidence, nothing will actually make a liberal happy anymore unless we agree to submit quietly to full-blown communism.

This hearing is a waste of time, energy, and our money. All we’ll see is Democrats patting each other on the backsides while Republicans roll their eyes at the ridiculous display. As taxpayers, we get to pay these incompetent fools to sit around and talk about made up problems that they have no evidence to support. As if trust in the government could somehow get worse, the Democrats are sure making attempts to lower that bar.

Even with mounds of evidence in the Obamagate scandal, Comey is rejecting the idea to make sure that we all still focus our energy on the Russian hacking that there is no evidence of.  If liberals weren’t such indoctrinated sheep, they’d be able to see what a dog and pony show that the government has become thanks to their idiotic beliefs in socialism.

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