Felon’s Family Is Making Demands After His Armed Robbery Goes Wrong

Armed robbery isn’t something unexpected in the crime riddled city of Chicago. However, when one felon decided to brandish a weapon at a Windy City business, his robbery attempts were quickly foiled. What’s more surprising than how his criminal activity came to a crashing halt are the demands now being made my his obviously misguided family.

As previously reported by Mad World News, a robbery was quickly ended when a felon met a concealed carry permit holder at a Southside Corner Store. The confrontation happened Saturday night around 7 pm. On the 2700 block of West 51st Street in the Gage Park neighborhood, a robber entered the corner store and attempted to hold up the owner. The robbery should have gone as planned, since Chicago has all but outlawed defensive carry. However, that didn’t turn out to be the case.


Now, more details are coming forward, including the name of the criminal who was stopped in his tracks, as well as his family’s ludicrous response to the chain of events that occurred. Authorities state that Reginald Gildersleeve waltzed into Agencia Mexicana in Chicago on Halloween night, wearing a mask and armed with a gun. Gildersleeve wanted nothing more than to rob the store.

Moments after Gildersleeve announced he was holding up the store at gun point, he was shot repeatedly by an unnamed patron, who was armed with his concealed carry permit and his pistol. Police later discovered that the gun used by the potential thief was actually a paintball gun. Because Gildersleeve succumbed to his multiple gunshot wounds, in come the ridiculous demands from the felon armed robber’s family.

Reginald Gildersleeve’s mugshot

Police are still saying that even though the gun was not real, Gildersleeve was threatening and brandishing it as if it was, so the concealed carrier acted in the best way possible by stopping the perceived threat. At no point in time did the felon armed robber announce that his gun was indeed not real.

Gildersleeve’s family, particularly his step-son, Igbinosa Oronsaye, is calling for charges to be levied against the concealed carrier who shot his gun in self-defense. Oronsaye claims that the “shooter” (the concealed carrier acting in self-defense, not his delinquent step father) should be held liable for killing a community member.

“Some people don’t actually know how to use guns,” Oronsaye said. “They go to firing ranges, but it’s not the same as a bullet going into someone’s body, it’s not the same as a bullet going into flesh. They should be able to wound first, kill next. He didn’t deserve to get shot multiple times.”

He says that someone needs to answer for taking a father and a brother from the community. What about all the innocent people who die at the hands of thugs in Chicago who aren’t actually criminals? Way to go, Oronsaye. You have officially become what criminals want. You are a slave, and you actually can’t see that the initiation of force began with your step-dad.

While the Washington Post claims the shooting is “raising questions,” the real truth lies always in the cause of the initiation of force. That burden lies with Gildersleeve, thereby making any reaction to his attempted crimes null and void.

Welcome to America, where freedom means slavery and laws mean freedom, and anyone can demand anything from anyone at anytime. One ideological family of a felon armed robber is now showing us how ridiculous the laws in America actually are, and how close we are to becoming another nation of bleating sheep like Great Britain or Germany.

NOTE:  Police, so far, have no intentions to press charges against the concealed carry patron that shot the armed robber.

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