Female Cop Finds Abandoned Baby In Woods, Then Sees Something Familiar

Female Cop Finds Abandoned Baby In Woods, Then Sees Something Familiar
Wooded area where baby was found (left), Luisa Fernanda Urrea (right)

Police were called to the scene of a wooded area, where someone said they heard a baby in the underbrush. When they finally made it out to the location, one cop spotted something that was all too familiar to her about the scene.

A pair of cops from Columbia had the daunting task of responding to a call of a crying infant left alone in the woods with not a single suspect in sight. Given the remote location, it took a while to get to where the baby was hidden under some loose foliage and left there to die. Upon arrival, it was evident that the infant was near death, suffering from hypothermia and starvation. That’s when La Marina Officer Luisa Fernanda Urrea made an incredible realization about something only she had, and the baby needed it.

The female police officer had something the other cops didn’t, and she would be able to save this baby’s life in a way no other officer could. Since it would be some time before paramedics could get there, her only option to keep this newborn baby alive was to breastfeed her. It just so happened to be that Urrea was a new mother to her own infant, who she had been breastfeeding, so she had a thriving milk supply to keep this abandoned baby alive, the Daily Mail reported.

Female Cop Finds Abandoned Baby In Woods, Then Sees Something Familiar
Luisa Fernanda Urrea breastfeeding abandoned baby

Doing so on her own accord without a second thought, Urrea cuddled the child and fed her, while also keeping her warm and feeling safe until medical help came. The act came natural to this mother as a matter of instinct, being the right cop on the right call.

Had it not been for this quick-thinking and caring cop, going far beyond the call of duty in an unusual way, this baby wouldn’t have made it out of the woods alive, considering the amount of time it took for medics to get to the remote area. “I’m a new mother and I have milk and I recognised the needs that this poor little creature had,” Urrea told local news outlets later. “I think any woman would have given her nourishment in the same circumstances.”

Female Cop Finds Abandoned Baby In Woods, Then Sees Something Familiar
Found infant recovering thanks to breastfeeding cop

The infant has since made a miraculous recovery from hypothermia and malnourishment, due in large part to the life-sustaining nutrients the cop gave her from her own breast. The Colombian Institute of Family Welfare is now seeking a loving home for this sweet baby, while police attempt to track down the woman responsible for birthing and abandoning her. If or when she is found, she could face attempted homicide charges, which is the only appropriate punishment for any mother who carries an infant for nine months, then leave that little human out to die.

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