WATCH: Female Cop Makes Controversial Career Move, Earns Twice The Salary

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Hannah Havers, 35

A female police officer found it difficult to make ends meet on the modest salary she was paid to enforce the law, so she decided to make a controversial career move to help support her husband and three small children. Now, she is earning twice the salary that she did before and insists she’s doing nothing wrong.

Hannah Havers worked as a cop for twelve years before returning to the line of work she found amusing at the tender age of 19. Trading her badge and gun in for lacy lingerie, the mom-of-three now gives lap dances for a living, and she earns twice as much money as she did when she was patrolling the streets.

“It was an instant improvement in my life,” Havers said of the decision to start dancing again. “I really enjoy it. I’ve got lots of regular clients and I’m totally open about my former career. I’m making more in two weeks than I would in a whole month at the police. I work two or three nights a week and it totally fits around my family unit.”

Bubbly Hannah now earns more than £4,500 [just over $5,750] a month before tax, and can enjoy spending time with her hubby and kids.

In her late teens, Hannah was a professional tennis player — ranked 32 in the UK — but opted for a change of jobs when she couldn’t move higher.

She tried lap dancing for around a year when she was 19, but decided she needed a “proper career” and joined the police aged 23, in 2003.

But after 12 years and three children, she decided she had had enough and needed a major change. [Source: Daily Star]

Though Hannah’s husband maintains that her new line of work hasn’t hurt their marriage, she does perform fully nude private dances, netting her around £40 (approximately $50) for a four-minute stint. “I am fully supportive of what my wife does for a living, she isn’t doing anything wrong or that she shouldn’t be doing,” said her husband. “If anything this move has improved our lives.”

Of course, there are much less than savory ways to earn more money than those with respectable careers like that of a police officer or teacher. When money becomes more important than self-respect, personal dignity, and morality, society embarks on a slippery slope towards depravity.

Hannah Havers may enjoy earning more money as an exotic dancer than she did as a cop, but her children will not be better off for her salacious career choice. Ultimately, they are what is most important, and you can’t put a price on that.

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