20-Year Veteran Female Cop Fired After Man Whines About Display In Her Yard

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20-Year Veteran Female Cop Fired After Man Whines About What's In Her Yard
Sergeant Silvia Cotriss was recently fired after a man complained about what he saw in her front yard.

A Georgia police officer, who has spent 20 years serving on the force, showed up to work last month only to be greeted by detectives. Shocked to find that she was the one being investigated, the department told her that what a man saw in her yard is so offensive that she’s been officially stripped of her badge.

Sergeant Silvia Cotriss, a 20-year veteran officer, was devoted to her position on the Roswell Police Department — that is, until she made the unforgivable sin of offending a citizen’s feelings. In an incredibly brash decision by the Roswell PD, Cotriss was recently fired for displaying a Confederate battle flag in her front yard in Woodstock, not because it was a city code violation but because a grown man was upset over seeing it within his range of vision.

MSN reports that Cotriss had flown the Confederate flag below her American flag in front of her home for 2 years before one man’s complaint to the department resulted in her termination.

On July 11, an unnamed man living nearby reportedly saw the flag waving in Cotriss’ yard as he was dropping his son and daughter off at a local preschool. He then took his offense to Eagle Nest Church, where Pastor Lee Jenkins brought it to the attention of the department. It was his complaint that immediately landed Cotriss in a controversial investigation before she even knew she had done anything wrong.

When she arrived at work, detectives approached her and told her that there was an issue with the flag on her private property. As soon as investigators informed her of the complaint, she took down the flag and explained that she didn’t mean to offend anyone. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough. Police Captain Helen Dunkin told her on July 14 that she was fired because she “engaged in conduct that was unbecoming, which brought discredit to the Roswell Police Department,” according to the NY Daily News.

“If I knew it offended someone, my friends, my family, I wouldn’t do it,” Cotriss said in an interview. “Police officers have to adjust a lot of things in our lives, and for 20 years my whole life has been about making change and being held to a higher standard. We take an oath to help and protect people, so we can’t have a private life that’s really bad.”

Cotriss alleges that she had no idea the flag was so controversial, as she explained that she makes a conscious effort to stay away from the news since her job is already so stressful. “Cops don’t watch the news because we live it in the day and don’t want to see it again at night,” Cotriss explained, adding that she can’t understand why the flag is such a major concern, reiterating that it is “part of her history, part of the South, part of history involving the Civil War.”

Pastor Jenkins conveniently cited the admiration for the Confederate flag held by Dylan Roof, a 22-year-old killer on death row for shooting 9 black worshipers at a South Carolina church. Of course, Jenkins has a problem with a lone deranged murderer, who had a fondness for an inanimate object during the time surrounding his killing spree, but remains oddly silent in the face of Islamic terrorists, who cite the countless violent commands in the Quran to justify their slaughter of unbelievers.

Ignorant armchair activists like Jenkins prove just how ridiculous the left is as they focus on banning items they find “offensive” rather than pointing out that the motive in 100 percent of Islamic terror crimes is any of the 109 verses that command brutality and their own prophet Muhammad’s savage modeling.

We can also assume that while Jenkins worries about perceived racism inherent in a dyed piece of fabric, he doesn’t feel the need to condemn the Muslims who still own 14 million black slaves in Islamic countries today. Perhaps if he and other black activists would care more about the actual plight of blacks suffering from racism, slavery, and brutality under Sharia, they wouldn’t have so much time to feel disgruntled over a flag in the freest nation on earth.

So, while Black Lives Matter protestors are calling for the deaths of innocent white civilians and their supporters are carrying out their wishes, we can rest assured that at least one officer isn’t flying a big, bad flag at her house anymore. What a victory for civil rights.

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