Feminazis Freak Out, Claim Men Have Found New Way To ‘Rape’ Women

Ashley Judd (left), Feminazis protesting in Washington, D.C. (right)

The crazy feminazis are back. With Ashley Judd and other hardcore feminists leading the way, they are making a wild accusation about men that is gaining acceptance. An act that men do during consensual sex is being called “stealthing,” and it equals rape and 15-20 years behind bars in their jaded minds. You’re going to be shocked at the lengths these nutjobs are going to demonize men. This will blow your mind.

The Columbia Journal of Gender and Law defined stealthing as Nonconsensual condom removal during sexual intercourse.” They also say it’s rape. “A man has been convicted of rape after taking off a condom during sex without his sexual partner knowing. The landmark decision by the Criminal Court in Lausanne, Switzerland, determined that having sex without a condom constituted rape if the use of one was expected,” reports Independent.

While no one will argue that a guy removing his condom during sex is a totally unacceptable and disgusting move, rape is defined as unlawful sexual activity, usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against the will, usually of a female or with a person who is beneath a certain age or incapable of valid consent.

A woman can always say “no” if a guy takes off the condom, right? Feminists will argue, “Well, what if a woman doesn’t know a guy took off the condom?” Those cases are still not rape. If she gets a sexually transmitted disease like HIV, then she has a case, but only if the man knew he was HIV positive. However, there is a new trend, where women are calling “sexual assault” on anything the woman “feels” is sexual assault, logic be damned. If she thinks she was assaulted, then she was, case closed, according to Ashely Judd.

“Since [Ashley Judd] book’s release a few years ago, the number of times she has claimed to have been sexually victimized has varied – or perhaps she just likes changing up the words she uses. She says she’s been the victim of incest, she’s been molested, she’s been raped, sexually assaulted, sexually harassed, and sexually abused,” reports Chicks On The Right.

Mary Elizabeth Williams, who wrote Judd’s book, says, “Judd is telling others that if it feels like abuse to you, it was abuse. And that’s good enough.” Wow. If that’s how we judge who is sexually assaulted, it’s no wonder Judd claims to have been sexually attacked over 60 times.

Snowflakes on Twitter are melting down over stealthing. By the way, according to the new lingo, when it happens, past tense, it’s called getting “stealthed.” The New York Post reports, “The [Columbia Journal of Gender and Law] study opens with Rebecca, a doctoral student who works at a rape crisis hotline. Rebecca noticed she was receiving more and more calls about women being ‘stealthed.'”

Obviously, being stealthed would be emotionally traumatic, particularly if there’s reason to fear an unwanted pregnancy or STD.  It’s a huge violation of trust. But, is it violent? Is it really in the same category as rape or sexual assault?

I think that goes too far. It minimizes the horrendous violence involved in a rape and the psychological issues that a woman may never get over as she relives the rape again and again. But, this is what the left does; they go way too far and make their feelings the way we should judge whether a crime has been committed.

Sadly, the solution to their stealthing problem is one they don’t want to hear. Stop sleeping with people who can’t be trusted. Only give your body to someone who loves and respects you. Promiscuity and sex outside of marriage come with consequences. Sleeping with losers who would disregard your concerns for their own increased sexual satisfaction is one of them, but it’s something a loving, respectful, God-fearing husband would not do.

This is what happens when sex becomes an activity, something fun to do with as many partners as possible and nothing more. I bet the chances of being stealthed go down to almost zero in committed monogamous relationships, otherwise known as good old fashioned marriage.

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