WATCH: Disgusting Feminist Defends Hijab, Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Her On Live TV

This week on Fox News, a feminist said that it was “empowering” for Muslim women to be forced to cover their hair with a hijab. However, she was promptly destroyed on live television by Tucker Carlson, who lent some much-needed perspective to the situation.

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson (left), National Organization for Women President Sonia Ossorio (right) (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

Macy’s announced this week that they will soon feature an entire fashion collection specifically for Muslim women, prompting a widespread backlash from many shoppers who are sick and tired of Islamic influence on Western culture.

Macy’s has come under fire after announcing an upcoming fashion collection catered to Muslim shoppers, featuring hijabs and more modest clothing options.

The nationwide retailer has partnered with Verona Collection, a modern Islamic clothing boutique, founded by Lisa Vogl, who graduated from Macy’s minority- and woman-owned business development program in 2017.

On Verona Collection’s website, Vogl said her mission to create the fashion brand came after she converted to Islam and “had a stark realization: modest and fashionable clothing were both hard to acquire and difficult to afford.” [Source: Fox News]

The retailer’s decision to introduce a clothing line for Muslim women has been lauded by the left, which really doesn’t make much sense, given their aversion to modesty. So, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson invited National Organization for Women President Sonia Ossorio to come on his show and explain why she and her ilk are so ardently defending the Islamic garb.

Footage of Ossorio’s interview is a bit painful to watch. She’s clearly nervous and ill-prepared to debate Carlson, who proceeded to wipe the floor with her.

Early in the interview, Carlson asked Ossorio if she believes being coerced into dressing modestly is “a feminist goal.” She told the Fox News host that women in the United States are wearing the hijab “as a symbol of resistance.”

“They’re wearing them as a symbol of empowerment,” she said. But Carlson then turned the conversation, asking Ossorio if it would likewise be “empowering” if Macy’s sold a line of “Chinese foot-binding shoes.”

“Is there anything that’s not empowering?” Carlson asked. [Source: IJR]

At the end of their discussion, Ossorio noted she doesn’t spend her days thinking about the cultural and societal implications that accompany traditional Muslim garb. Instead, Ossorio said her chief goal is ensuring President Donald Trump doesn’t touch “full reproductive health care.”

“Oh, abortion,” Carlson responded. “I’m starting to think you care more about identity politics than women. I’m just throwing that out there. I mean, if you’re endorsing the hijab, maybe it’s not really about women. Has that occurred to you?”

Indeed, it would seem hypocritical for someone who campaigns so fervently for women to receive free birth control and abortions to also support women being oppressed to the point that they cannot even leave the house without covering their hair. But, as Ossorio admitted herself, she doesn’t spend a whole lot of time reflecting on whether or not her positions make sense.

Of course, to anyone with common sense, it is abundantly clear that being forced to wear a hijab is far from empowering, Frankly, being forced to wear anything is far from empowering.

How ironic it is that the same feminists who want to “free the nipple” also think it’s “empowering” that Muslim women are forced to cover their hair; the same feminists who think it’s unfair to require women to wear shirts in public when men can bear their chests seem to think it’s fine and dandy that Muslim women cannot even show their hair.

Think about that for a minute. These idiots are lobbying for the “right” to walk around with their nipples hanging out and kill babies they conceive from frivolous sex — many of them female babies — but they don’t seem to find it the least bit oppressive that Muslim women cannot even show their hair. The double-standard doesn’t get anymore glaring than that.

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