Disgusting Feminists Start New Christmas ‘Trend,’ Partygoers Sickened When They Look Down

Leave it to the disgusting feminists to ruin one of the holiday season’s most fun and innocent trends. If you’re attending an Ugly Christmas Sweater get-together this year, you may be one of the countless partygoers to be sickened by what’s seen when you look down.

A female partygoer takes part in this year’s most provocative new trend. (Photo Credit: industry_lyfe/Instagram)

In recent years, ugly Christmas sweaters have emerged as one of the most popular trends of the holiday season. We even have entire get-togethers which revolve around this theme, with excited partygoers donning the most cringe-worthy sweater that they can get their hands on.

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Indeed, as soon as Christmas begins to approach, you can now walk into any Target or Walmart store and purchase an ugly Christmas sweater. It might be the only time of year we drop money on a product which will make us look as ridiculous as possible.

With the ugly Christmas sweater trend taking off in a big way, social media users have now found a way to take the craze to the next level. Feast your eyes on what has been dubbed the “Reindeer Boob.”

A pair of festive female partygoers each put a breast on display to take part in the “Reindeer Boob” trend which has emerged as an offshoot of the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” craze. (Photo Credit: Tiffany Carlo/Instagram)

Yes, women are now attending holiday parties with a gaping hole cut out of one side of their sweaters to expose their breast, which they adorn with a fluffy red ball placed strategically over their nipple to represent Rudolph’s nose.

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Believed to be a bold take on the “ugly Christmas jumper” trend, the bizarre idea has gained popularity on social media.

Women have been sharing their bejazzled breasts on Instagram with many covering their nipples in red diamante studs or tinsel before applying googly eyes and felt antlers.

They are then sharing daring Yuletide selfies with the hashtag, #rudolphboob. [Source: The Sun]

The trend has taken off to such a degree that online retailers are now selling pre-made “Reindeer Boob Sweaters,” for those who are so creatively challenged that they cannot even pick up a pair of scissors and cut a hole in a sweater themselves.

Pre-made versions are sold on Etsy by Salt Lake-based retailer YourSassyGrandma, including a red sweater with a green tinsel-surrounded cut-out. ‘If you want to stand out at your Ugly Sweater Party, then this SEXY reindeer ugly Christmas sweater is for you!’ reads the item description.

Each one of the costumes comes with an up-cycled sweater with eyes and nose prepared with a one-time wear adhesive. Unfortunately for fans of the design, the sweaters have already completely sold out – though there are men’s versions on offer still for $50 a pop.

Indeed, ladies aren’t the only ones having a go at the trend, with a number of men simply cutting out a hole in a sweater and sticking a pair of felt antlers and googly eyes to make their own reindeer, leaving the exposed nipple in place of a nose.

For the YourSassyGrandma version, the product details instruct ‘the more hair you have on your chest the better, it will make your reindeer look even more furry!’ [Source: Daily Mail]

If there’s one thing feminists love, it’s showing off parts of their body that are meant to stay covered. We saw this with the #FreeTheNipple campaign, and we continue to see it when members of the activist group Femen take their tops off to protest various causes.

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A woman shows off her “Reindeer Boob” (Photo Credit: industry_lyfe/Instagram)

Can’t these disgusting feminists leave Christmas alone? This is a season to reflect on the glorious gift God gave us in His son Jesus Christ. Let’s leave our breasts out of it.

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