Disgusting Feminists Show Up To Protest NRA, Fail To Notice What’s Right Beside Them

Feminists gathered to protest the NRA on Friday by marching from Fairfax, Virginia, to Washington, D.C.

On Friday, various feminists gathered together to protest the National Rifle Association (NRA) by marching from Fairfax, Virginia, to Washington, D.C. However, their little stunt backfired big time when they failed to notice what was right beside them.

No one ever accused a liberal feminist of being particularly intelligent, and perhaps that’s because they repeatedly ditch all common sense in order to push their misguided agenda. Such was the case on Friday when liberal women came from all over to protest the nation’s biggest supporter of gun rights.

Photographs from the march show the feminists brandishing homemade signs with slogans like, “Real men don’t need guns,” and, “No one is safe unless everyone is safe.” (If you can figure out what the heck the latter one means, please, let me know.)

In what is definitely the most embarrassing photo from the event for the women who attended it, though, some very “real men” can be seen carrying guns right beside a protester holding a sign which condemns precisely that.

As it turns out, the same idiots who showed up to protest the NRA also hired armed security guards to protect them en route. No joke. You can’t make this stuff up.

One of the most notable faces in the crowd of hypocrites on Friday was notorious feminist, terrorist, and Islamic apologist Linda Sarsour.

Hamas-linked, Sharia law loving Linda Sarsour marched with other radical left-wing lunatics from Fairfax, Virginia to Washington D.C. Friday to protest the NRA while surrounded by armed guards for their protection. Figures. [Source: The Gateway Pundit]

Of course, this is not the first time Sarsour has done something to monumentally hypocritical, so mind-blowingly stupid, so overwhelmingly idiotic, that you get a bit stupider just for hearing about it. Remember, this is the same feminist icon who stumped as a leader of the Women’s March on Washington, joining the parade of pussy hats in protest of President Donald Trump’s media-manufactured persecution of women.

It certainly was ironic to see Sarsour among the sea of pink, knitted pussies, as she is also an extremist Muslim and supporter of Sharia Law, which is responsible for the millions of girls who have suffered Female Genitalia Mutilation (FGM). Apparently, Sarsour only likes pussy without the clitoris.

Leftist agitators like Linda Sarsour and Shannon Watts hiring armed protection while demanding the rest of us turn in our guns into government bureaucrats is nothing new. Watts does the same every time she shows up to protest at the NRA annual meeting. Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who pays Watts millions to take away the Second Amendment rights of everyday Americans, doesn’t go anywhere without his security detail. [Source: Townhall]

Considering all of this, you can bet that if the likes of Linda Sarsour and Shannon Watts are involved, the event promises to be a shit show of epic proportions, just like Friday’s protest of the NRA. You might as well sit back and grab some popcorn because this level of foolishness is like a train wreck — you just can’t help but watch.

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