Feminists Vote With Crotches, Disgust People With Sick Thing Between Legs

A rowdy pack of feminists have once again taken things too far while voicing their political opinion. The nasty women have officially disgusted social media after showing the sick thing between their legs, which enables them to cast a vote with their crotches.

Everyone’s body is different, making for a wide variety of products out there, but when you add in the variable of personal preference – the options are endless. One such example is the market for “women’s hygiene” products.

Including things like pads and tampons, the newest trend to sweep the country is something called period panties. According to Daily Dot, the underwear incorporates highly absorbent, anti-bacterial, leakproof fabric “that soaks up as much blood as a tampon while wicking moisture away from the body.”

In short, it’s the “green” way to go, and it’s supposed to save you money in the long run. It seems they are a hit, as those selling these period panties can’t keep them on the shelf, but it might not be for the savings or because they are a safer alternative to tampons. You see, the newest design has something extra.

Period Panties Allow Women To Menstruate On Politician's Faces

It seems that feminists have taken their product to an insane low and are now using them as a way to voice political opinion. Sarah Palatnik of Olympia, Washington is now offering what she calls Bloody Marys – period panties displaying a politician’s face on the inside of the liner.

Period Panties Allow Women To Menstruate On Politician's Faces

That’s right, Sarah made a way for women to menstruate on the faces of those they oppose.

Period Panties Allow Women To Menstruate On Politician's Faces

Available on her Etsy shop Cute Fruit Undies, the delightful woman lists the different faces you can use as a “Blood Dumpster.” Conveniently, she only features Republican politicians and candidates, such as Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Sarah Palin.

Perhaps even more nauseating than the Bloody Marys Period Panties is the definition she gives for her term “Blood Dumpster”:

Feminists Vote With Crotches, Disgust With Sick Thing Between Legs

I really love how the people claiming the need for political correctness and tolerance are always the worst offenders on that front. Imagine what would happen if the roles were reversed. It seems that respect only flows (no pun intended) in one direction in this nation, and if you’re not on the liberal side of the aisle, well, prepare to have your face bled on by a pack of nasty savages.

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