Feminists Admit Their ‘Women’s March’ Was A ‘Fight’ Over 36 CENTS

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Many have been left wondering what exactly the feminists were protesting with their Women’s March.

After feminists descended on Washington, D.C. and other cities across the United States over the weekend, many Americans were left dumbfounded, unsure why these women were protesting in this Women’s March. While each individual marcher may have their own unique reasons for their protest, one common and odd theme emerged — and it all involved a fight over 36 cents that will blow your mind.

Social media has been on fire over the Women’s March with both protesters and the #NotMyMarch crowd weighing in on the agenda promoted by the radical feminists. I am part of the latter group, and rabid feminists, who claim that they want all women to have a voice, quickly attacked in hopes of shutting me up.

My writer page on Facebook was flooded with an article written for “Christy on Facebook, who doesn’t need the Women’s March,” which I’m not even sure was originally written for me since I’m not the only Christy who feels the way I do. Regardless, I responded, and as expected, the opposition came out in droves to name-call in an attempt to silence me once again.

I’ll give credit where credit is due. Not everyone was rabidly foaming at the mouth, lashing out in anger while calling me an angry woman. Some desperately wanted me to get onboard with the agenda. However, when they realized that I’m pro-life and that I don’t buy into the wage gap myth, which is the word Forbes uses to describe it, those women who wanted me to be part of their incensed club started grasping at straws, hoping to find the one “inequality” that would set me off and have me marching in the streets with them.

Somehow, Donald Trump is to blame for everything women have had to “endure,” even though he wasn’t even president for 24 hours at the time the march began.

Unfortunately, when they mentioned that they were fighting over 36 cents, it certainly didn’t lend any merit to their march. Granted, they didn’t cite the pocket change directly. Instead, they focused on women having to pay “taxes for sanitary needs.” From the beginning, I found this odd, even before coming to the realization that they were battling over mere coins.

First, nearly everyone pays sales taxes on necessary items used for sanitary needs. The last I checked, we all use toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, and many other “necessary” items, which most of us pay taxes on, depending on our state sales tax laws.

Still, I tried to be open-minded. So, I seriously pondered whether this “tampon tax” is “fair.” Should women be made to pay taxes on something they uniquely need for their hygiene? That’s when the lightbulb went off as I was putting things away in the bathroom cupboard and came across a box of pads.

That box bore the sales sticker, reading $5.99 for a month’s supply. Our sales tax is 6%. That’s when I realized these feminists seriously encouraged me to march over 36 cents a month. I’m not exaggerating about their outrage over this 36 cents either. One article, which many assume may be a rebuttal to me directly for my prior statements, even says, “You still have to pay taxes for your basic sanitary needs,” as a reason these feminists marched “for me.”

Even if I were to use the pricier brands and figured in the highest sales tax in America, we are still coming in at less than a dollar. Yet, how many hours did these women march? Ironically, had they worked those hours instead, they could have earned enough wage to cover their tampon tax for life.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like paying any more tax than I have too and I realize many other reasons were cited for this march, but fighting for the relief of 36 cents to a dollar at most a month is asinine, considering other crippling taxes we all endure. Unfortunately, those taxes I speak of are largely the result of liberal policies, so they can’t argue with those. It doesn’t fit the agenda.

Of course, as I already admitted, the tampon tax obviously isn’t their only qualm, but the simple fact it was mentioned repeatedly and with such vigor shows how petty this particular type of feminist can be. If they want to be taken seriously, waging a war over 36 cents isn’t the way to go. Then again, these are the same women dressing up as vaginas, so being taken seriously doesn’t seem all that important to them.

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